All the research facilities are located in various labs. Many of the labs are used by more than one of our Research Groups. For more details on a particular laboratory's equipment and booking click on the links or contact the Lab Manager.

Human Performance Lab - School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Labs Laboratory Manager
Analytical Laboratory Dr Sarah Aldred
Body Composition Lab Dr Gareth Wallis
Behavioural Immunology Dr Vikki Burns
Biomechanics Research Laboratory Dr Trevor Gardner
Cardiovascular Dynamic Laboratory Dr Mike White
Cardiovascular Static Laboratory Dr Mike White
Data Processing Dr. Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani
Derivitization Laboratory  
Environmental Chamber Dr Gareth Wallis
Exercise teaching labs Andy Benham
Focus Group Room Dr Jennifer Cumming
Histology Laboratory  
HPLC Lab Dr Sarah Aldred
Human Balance Laboratory Dr Martin Lakie
Human Performance Lab (take a 360° tour) Dr Gareth Wallis
Human Neurophysiology Laboratory Dr Martin Lakie
Kinesiology Laboratory (take a 360° tour) Dr Francois-Xavier Li
Laboratory A Cycle Ergometers Professor Joan Duda
Laboratory B Physiological Equipment Dr Maria Kavussanu
Lifestyle Physical Activity Dr Frank Eves
Lifestyle Physical Activity / Kinesiology 2 Dr Frank Eves
Luminex lab  
Mass Spectometry Laboratory Dr Andy Blannin
Mechanical Ventilation Laboratory Dr Mike Parkes
Movement Analysis Laboratory Dr Mark Hollands
Orthostatic Laboratory Dr Maggie Brown
Perception-action Laboratory Dr Francois-Xavier Li
Posture Control Laboratory  
Psychophysiology Dr Anna Phillips
Research Kitchen  
Respiratory Function Laboratory Dr George Balanos
Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory Dr George Balanos
Vascular Function Laboratory Dr Maggie Brown
Video Editing Dr Jennifer Cumming
Visuomotor Laboratory Dr Martin Edwards