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Centre for Computational Biology

The creation of the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB) is a fantastic opportunity to combine many of the field’s components, from both the development and applications sides.

School of Computer Science

Our School of Computer Science became one of the first academic departments in the UK to undertake research and teaching in this field.

School of Computer Science

to study abroad or take a year in industry.   A Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student   Postgraduate Degrees We offer taught and research programmes that cover a variety of Computer Science specialisms.  What is Computer Science? The term 'computing' covers every kind of digital technology

Research and Training Centre in Physical Sciences for Health

engineering and computer science. The programme will train a new generation of scientists as interdisciplinary researchers with a broad skill-base who will be at the forefront of developing physical science to contribute to breakthroughs in biomedical sciences and healthcare. Students will apply their

CNCR: Research Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics

neuroscience and advances in robotics. Our research projects involves collaborations between the Schools of Psychology, Computer Science, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Mechanical, Chemical, and Manufacturing Engineering, Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Medicine and Biosciences. Our links

Metabolomics in the Life Sciences

and wildlife Metabolomics research at the University of Birmingham began in 2003 and now encompasses multiple research teams in the Schools of Biosciences , Computer Science , Mathematics , Cancer Sciences , Immunity & Infection, and Clinical & Experimental Medicine . Our research focuses primarily in

CRNI - Collaborative Research Network in Imaging and Visualisation

phenomena and to derive principled solutions; on psychology to understand the human visual perception and draw inspiration from natural vision; and on computer science and engineering to construct working algorithms and devices. The University of Birmingham, with its broad range of disciplines and world

Degree Congregation dates

Degree Congregation dates. July 2015 dates Degree Congregations will be held between 8-16 July 2015 on the following dates: Wednesday 8 July 2015 10.30am School of Civil Engineering School of Computer Science School of Physics and Astronomy 1.45pm School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

TAROS 2014 - Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems

TAROS welcomes paper submissions on a wide range of topics related to the principles and practice of robotics. TAROS 2014  is being hosted by the School of Computer Science , University of Birmingham  and will be held at the new Library of Birmingham  building. The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Computer Science BSc

interest Apply to study here Related courses Computer Science BSc with a year in industry Computer Science with Business Management BSc Contact Admissions Tutor: Dr John Bullinaria Telephone enquiries: +44 (0)121 415 8742 Email: School of Computer Science Follow us on Twitter

Mathematics and Computer Science MSci

Mathematics and Computer Science MSci. Overview Course details Learning and teaching Employability Undergraduate degree course Mathematics and Computer Science MSci GI11: One of the longest established of disciplines, and underpinning many others, mathematics is the language of science and engineering

Computer Science with Study Abroad BSc

Computer Science with Study Abroad BSc. Overview Course details Learning and teaching Employability Undergraduate degree course in Computer Science with Study Abroad BSc I10A: During this course you will learn about all kinds of computational systems, their theory, design, development and application.

Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Computer Science BScUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Computer Science MSciUndergraduateSingle honours4 years
Computer Science BSc with a year in industryUndergraduateSingle honours4 years
Computer Science Masters/MScPostgraduateTaughtFull time
Computer Science with an Industrial Year MSciUndergraduateSingle honours5 years
Computer Science with Business Management BScUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, major-minor combined3 years
Computer Science with Business Management BSc with a year in industryUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, major-minor combined4 years
Computer Science with Study Abroad BScUndergraduateSingle honours4 years
Computer Science with Study Abroad MSciUndergraduateSingle honours5 years
Computer Science/Cognitive Science PhDPostgraduateDoctoral researchFull time, part time, 2 years
Computer Science/Software Engineering MEngUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, single honours4 years
Computer Science/Software Engineering MEng with a year in industryUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, single honours4 years, 5 years
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