Shaping our future: Birmingham 2015

Shaping our future: Birmingham 2015 is our new Strategic Framework. Birmingham is already among the globe’s leading universities and we are determined to secure and enhance this position in the years ahead. We will achieve this through the quality of our research, the success of our students and the innovation that springs from our partnerships.

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We are investing in order to increase the proportion of our research activity that is regarded as world leading, ensuring that our students, staff and partners are inspired by academic colleagues of international repute.

Water flowWe are listening to our students and working with them to develop a distinctive, high quality experience, which combines academic excellence with development opportunities, and access to cutting-edge resources.

We cherish our financial stability and are using it to create a sustainable future for the University. We are investing wisely and managing our financial strength.

We are nurturing our external relationships and developing them further to ensure that our work has relevance and immediacy, as well as impact. Universities are not ivory towers and have a duty, locally, nationally and globally to improve lives and contribute to societies, economies and industry.

We intend that the combination of all of these activities – along with our unique location, beautiful campus, and the opportunities that we offer to staff and students – will ensure that we are the destination of choice among our peers and that the University will be one of the few leading global universities. 

To be successful

The University has identified five key strategic goals, which will enable us to take our place as a leading global university. These goals are mutually supportive; key successes in any of these areas will create a virtuous circle, enhancing the opportunities of success in the other areas. The five strategic goals are to -

  • Enhance our research power by making world class academic appointments while developing the potential of our existing staff, investing in major new research initiatives building on our quality and disciplinary range, establishing an Institute of Advanced Studies, and preparing for the Research Excellence Framework
  • Provide our students with a distinctive, high quality experience through; curriculum innovation and enhancement of the student experience, including student support facilities and services, and employability
  • Sustain our financial strength and use it purposefully by developing an investment strategy, encompassing capital investment, ensuring the effecting use of the teaching and research infrastructure on a sustainable basis, and maintaining the University's sound financial position
  • Enhance our performance and status as an 'engaged university' by developing our strategic partnerships with the NHS, industry and major employers, developing and implementing a global strategy, developing and implementing a cultural strategy, and enhancing our external visibility and reputation
  • Be the destination of choice amongst our peers through the development and delivery of a coherent suite of programmes for the University of Birmingham Graduate, University of Birmingham Professional, University of Birmingham Academic, University of Birmingham Researcher, University of Birmingham Experience, and appropriate reward and recognition for performance of staff

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