Encouraging excellence

Staff discussion

A truly global university cannot exist without a world-leading staff community. To achieve our ambition of being amongst the world’s top 50 universities by 2015, we must empower our staff to reach their full potential. To help achieve this we have ensured that there are a number of ways that staff can access development opportunities at work.

People and organisational development (POD)

"Our aim in People and Organisational Development (POD) is to develop the capabilities and potential of every member of staff in the University."

POD supports the University's goal to recruit, develop and retain the best staff, who will keep the University at the forefront of all that it does.

POD is a team of learning and development specialists. Their activities include conventional personal and professional development support, such as face-to-face skills training through a comprehensive Open Learning programme (which includes training accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management), the provision of virtual and other resources, and career development coaching for individuals.

POD plans and implements Human Resources projects across the University, including a development programme for Heads of Schools. They also provide dedicated support and guidance throughout the University through business partner relationships with management teams to improve leadership and management practice and carry out bespoke development work with whole teams and departments.

Centre for Learning and Academic Development (CLAD)

The Centre for Learning and Academic Development (CLAD) comprises a number of specialist teams with expertise in e-learning, pedagogy, skills development and learning enhancement.

The purpose of the Centre is to shape and facilitate an institutional approach to the implementation of the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, as well as enabling the development and provision of a distinctive ‘Birmingham’ approach to the academic curriculum and experience.

CLAD works by engaging directly with colleagues in academic Schools and Colleges to provide bespoke training and advice on educational enhancement and academic practice. It runs training and support sessions to develop effective teaching and learning modes and methods, and to disseminate good practice in teaching and learning support. It develops, through projects and engagement with the wider HE community, new approaches to emerging teaching and learning issues, identifies innovative and successful practice, and collaborates in practical educational research within the University. CLAD also assists in the evolution of systematic and rigorous approaches to evaluating teaching quality.