The Birmingham Professional


The University's Strategic Framework sets out an ambitious vision for Birmingham to become a leading global university. The leadership and commitment of our Professional Services staff will play a key part in achieving this vision.

Download the Birmingham Professional brochure (PDF 602KB)

The Birmingham Professional flows from this and embraces the Strategic Framework values of excellence, distinctiveness, impact, pride, and confidence. It defines our expectations for Professional Services staff and contains a set of statements defining what it means to work at the University of Birmingham.

  • Professional Services roles are diverse. They encompass all grades and include both specialists and generalists. All are Birmingham Professionals. 
  • We work together as a team and take pride in our professionalism, seen in the way we undertake our work and the qualities, competence, and responsibility that we display. 
  • We work with academic staff in mutually inter-dependent and supportive relationships to achieve the University’s mission and goals. Our colleagues rely on us to be effective in the services, information, advice and expertise we provide. 
  • We are proud of our role in delivering the University’s mission and contributing to its success. 
  • We strive for excellence. We seek to be best in the sector and comparable in standards to professional services staff in world-leading universities around the globe.   
  • We approach our work with a “can-do attitude”. We take ownership of problems and issues, identify solutions, and see these through. 
  • We expect and embrace challenges and change. We demonstrate leadership, work proactively, and take initiatives to improve what we do and advance the University’s mission.   
  • We are committed to the University’s students.  We support the student experience by contributing to the “best student journey” through our delivery of key student services and processes. 
  • We have empathy for and are interested in higher education. We expect more senior colleagues to be actively interested in higher education policy and to understand and engage with the University’s external environment. 
  • We are customer-focused, working for the benefit of our students, colleagues, and partners. Our services are intelligently designed and effectively delivered. 
  • We embrace continuous improvement and will review and reflect upon our services. We know how our work contributes to making the University a better place for our staff and students.
  • We expect more senior colleagues to be well-networked externally, which brings intelligence about best practice to the University. We are confident about representing the University. 
  • We are each responsible for communicating well with our colleagues and externally.
  • We each take personal responsibility for our own professional and career development. We are comfortable about adapting, and we recognise that progression is dependent upon our own performance. Regular skills development is necessary to respond to changing technologies and practices, even for those not seeking career advancement.   
  • We model and assess our behaviour using the relevant capabilities for our posts.   Success in our roles is based on demonstrated mastery of these capabilities and of the behaviours in this statement. 
  • We expect those in more senior posts to have proven leadership skills, analytical and intellectual ability, organisational effectiveness, and excellent skills in key areas such as communication and writing. 

The University has developed a programme of activity to support the Birmingham Professional by encouraging and supporting the behaviours and attributes from the Statement.