Kerri Badger

Student Relations Manager, College of Life and Environmental Sciences & Operations Manager, Sport and Exercise Sciences

kerribadger1Kerri worked for several years as a team leader for a quantity surveyor company in the city centre before coming to the University in 1999 as a Band 300 postgraduate student records assistant in Academic and Student Administration. She took a pay cut to come to the University, but her ability was quickly recognised and she was promoted to a Band 400 role. Subsequently she successfully applied for a secondment to work at Westhill Colleges as UG and PG student records officer on the same grading, which gave her experience of working in a more school-like environment. In 2005 she was seeking a new challenge and applied for the Band 500 role of UG admissions secretary in the School of Psychology. In 2008 the role of school exams officer was added to the admissions secretary role and Kerri received an acting up increment to Grade 6. In 2009, the creation of the College left her without a clear role, but she seized that as an opportunity and applied for the new role of UG and PGT student recruitment manager for the College.

She felt this was a perfect and exciting next step for her due to the College-wide scope, the admissions and recruitment focus, and the opportunity to line manage staff. She took the ILM course offered by POD to learn line management skills, and the College also supported her to complete a professional certificate in marketing from the CIM. She found both really useful and continues to refer back to them as she does her job. In 2011, she successfully proposed a change to her role to include DR recruitment, which resulted in a re-grade and she became a Grade 7 manager overseeing two members of staff.

In 2012 Kerri successfully applied for a promotion to become Student Relations Manager for LES (70%) and Operations Manager for the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (30%). Her remit now includes the line management of the LES Student Recruitment Team and the College Student Engagement Project Officers, reporting directly to the College Director of Operations. Student Relations is a new area for LES and Kerri is looking forward to seeing how this role develops.

Kerri credits her success to her willingness to embrace change and proactively seek new roles and advancement. She says, “You have to have the mindset that there are opportunities. I like the ethos here that if you’re willing to develop yourself there are opportunities. If you work hard you’ll get recognised".

"I’ve always approached every situation quite proactively, for instance going to PDRs and SDRs armed with evidence. Your manager won’t know what you’ve done unless you tell them. I love that I have the scope to suggest and implement changes. I’m not the kind of person who could be dictated to because I wouldn’t get a chance to shine. Every day I have new ideas and here I feel I can implement those. I’m really proud to say that I work in a leading university like Birmingham.”