Dr Ricky Joseph


Research Fellow

Centre for Urban and Regional Studies

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Prior to joining CURS Ricky worked as a housing practitioner within local government and the voluntary sector. He has frontline experience of housing advice, homelessness and housing management. He has extensive experience of policy development within the RSL sector having sat as a board member for Notting Hill Housing Group, St Mungo's Housing Trust and Open Door Housing Trust. He has represented the London Housing Federation on the Housing Corporation’s London Regional BME Housing Advisory Group. He was also a member of the ODPM Housing Statistical Users Group. Ricky is a member of the College Research Staff Committee.


  • Ethnic minority home ownership

  • Housing assets, inheritance, financial capability and ethnic minority households

  • The economics of return migration

  • Second homes and transnational housing markets

  • Housing policy and practice

  • Qualitative research methods

Research group: Planning, housing and communities

Current and recent projects

  • Friends Provident Foundation (2009) Assets and Debts within Couples (led by Karen Rowlingson), Assets and debts in couples Report [pdf,68 pages, 392 KB, opens in new window]Click here for a link to the IASS research project pages
  • ESRC, Third Sector Research Centre (2009) Housing Stream (led by David Mullins)
  • Affinity Sutton Research Partnership (2007-10) Evaluation (led by David Mullins)
  • Barrow Cadbury Trust (2009) Vulnerable Communities in Birmingham (led by Jenny Phillimore)
  • ASSC (2009) Housing assets and the credit crunch think tank event and Journal of Social Policy and Society themed issue proposal
  • ASSC (2009) Faith, Ethnicity and Migration research network
  • St Basils (2008) Evaluation of St Basils Learning Hub Community Cohesion (co-led with Harris Beider)
  • North East Assembly (2006) BME Housing Issues, (Lead by Harris Beider)


Selected publications

Joseph, R. (2010) Housing Wealth Leakage, IOS Press, In Doling, J,. Elsinga, M. and Ronald, R. (eds.) Home ownership Part III, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joseph, R. (2010) ‘Global Transmissions of Housing Wealth and Return Migration’, Policy Press, In Izuhara, M. (ed.) Ageing and Intergenerational Relations: Family Reciprocity from a global perspective, Bristol.

Joseph, R. (2010) Housing Scoping Paper: Homeless Advice and Support, Third Sector Research Centre, 19, The University of Birmingham

Mullins, D., Jones, A., Joseph, R., Rowlands, R. and Teasdale, S. (2010) Housing Scoping papers: Overview, Third Sector Research Centre, Briefing Paper, The University of Birmingham

Rowlingson, K. and Joseph, R. (2010) Assets and Debt within Couples: Ownership and Decision-making, Friends Provident Foundation, London.

DW Mullins, R Joseph, H Sacranie. (2009) Evaluating the Affinity Sutton Group merger, Research Partnership with Affinity Sutton Group

Lucy Mayblin and Ricky Joseph (2008) Evaluation of St Basils Learning Hub Community Cohesion and St Basils, CURS, The University of Birmingham

Beider, H., Joseph, R., Ferrari, E. (2007) Report to North East Assembly: BME Housing Issues, CURS, University of Birmingham

R Joseph, DW Mullins, RO Rowlands. 2007. Prevention of Homelessness in the East Midlands. A Position Paper for Consultation, East Midlands Regional Assembly/GOEM, University of Birmingham

R Joseph, DW Mullins. 2007. Local homelessness strategies in East Midlands. Position Paper for Consultation, East Midlands Regional Assembly/GOEM, The University of Birmingham.


Joseph, R. (2010) ‘Second homes, return migration andtransnational housing markets’, ENHR 22nd Conference, Istanbul 4-7 July2010

Joseph, R. (2008) ‘Housing Wealth Leakage, Return Migrationand Transnational Housing Markets: The Experiences of UK Based AfricanCaribbean Homeowners’, (In ENHR Working Group - Homeownership andGlobalisation: Building on Home Ownership: Housing Policies and SocialStrategies, Delft University of Technology, OTB Research Institute forHousing, Urban and Mobility Studies, Netherlands 13-14 November 2008.

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