Dr Paulina Ramirez

Dr Paulina Ramirez

The Department of Strategy and International Business
Lecturer in International Business and innovation

Contact details

+ 44 (0) 121 414 4948
+ 44 (0) 121 414 2982
Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Paulina joined Birmingham University in August 2005. Before coming to Birmingham University she worked as Research Fellow at the Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC) at the National University of Ireland - Galway and Research Associate at UMIST and the University of Sheffield.


BSc Economics (University College London)
PhD (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology)


Paulina is module leader and teaches in the following courses:

International Business Theories (MSc International Business)

Knowledge and Innovation Systems (MSc International Business)

Knowledge, Learning and Global Business (BSc Business Management)

Intermediate Business Economics (BSc Business Management)

Postgraduate supervision

I am interested in supervising PhDs that examine any of the following areas:

  • The intersection between globalisation, technological innovation and new organisational forms.
  • International technology transfers and knowledge flows in mutinational corporations and Global Value Chains.
  • The impact of FDI and global value chains on national systems of production and innovation..  


I prefer to supervise qualitative research methods.


Paulina has two main areas of research interest:

  • The relationship between globalization, the rise of new organizational forms and international knowledge flows; comparative studies of national institutions such as national innovation and business system; as well as the impact of foreign direct investment and global value networks on national systems of production and innovation.
  • The impact of national institutions (e.g. corporate governance, science and technology systems) on the emergence of new areas of science and technology. Paulina is currently doing research on industry-academic links in the area of stem cells and is a member of the Birmingham University Stem Cell Network.


Journal Articles

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Chapters in Edited Books


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Conference/Discussion/ Working papers



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Report and Consultancies


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