Professor David Walker


Senior Teaching Fellow

Business School

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


David Walker is a Senior Teaching Fellow and Professor at the Business School of the University of Birmingham where he has taught since 1995. Prior to this he was Professor of Marketing, Head of the Marketing Department and Director of Business Research at Wolverhampton Business School.


BSc (Hons) (London)
Diploma in Marketing (CIM)
Master of Business Administration (Aston)
Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing) (Aston)
Professor of Marketing (Personal Chair)
Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing
Fellow of Chartered Institute of Management
Fellow of Institute of Mathematics and Applications
Fellow of Royal Economic Society
Chartered Marketer
Chartered Mathematician


He commenced his academic career at Aston Business School where he completed his doctorate in marketing as a Foundation for Management Education Research Fellow.

He is a Chartered Marketer, besides a Visiting Professor at the University of the West Indies and Lae University of Technology, Papua New Guinea.  Throughout his professional life he has founded and managed several extensive companies in the industrial cleaning and chemical industries, besides current appointments as an external examiner at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Southampton Business School, Westminster Business School, Northampton Business School, Brighton Business School and Napier University Business School, Edinburgh.

His current research is directed at models of growth and change for SME’s.  In short he has attempted to combine an academic career with the foundation and management of a number of his own businesses


Director of Research (Enterprise City Programme)
Module Leader U/G and P/G Programmes in :
Marketing and Strategic Management
Enterprise Studies
SME Organisation and Growth
Risk Analysis
International Business
Organisational Change


• Enterprise Education
• SME Growth Models
• Pricing Strategies
• Strategic Management
• Artificial Intelligence Machines
• West Midlands Economy

Other activities

External Examiner Chartered Institute of Marketing
External Examiner Institute of Financial Accountants
External Examiner (currently four universities)


Farley, Tobias and Walker (Joint Authors), “Organisational Cognition: Man, Machines and Processes”, published by I. G. I. International, January 2009

Walker, D and Armstrong, B, August 2009. “An Analysis of U/G and P/G Enterprise Education : Birmingham Business School. Commissioned Report (HEFCE funded).

Walker and Harris, June 2009, Final Evaluation Report (60 pages) on “Enterprise City High Growth Programme”, commissioned by Birmingham City Council. This was presented at a national press and TV conference.

Nobre F.S., Tobias, A.M. and Walker, D. 2009 “New Frontiers in Industrial Organizations: Towards Computational Organization Management Networks, Journal of Information Technology Research.

Nobre F.S., Tobias, A.M. and Walker, D. May 2009, “The Impact of Cognitive Machines in Complex Decisions and Organizational Change, Journal of Al & Society – Springer.

Arvaopva. M., Aspinwall, E.M., and Walker D. January 2009, “An initial survey on the use of costs of quality programmes in telecommunications”, TQM Journal, Vol.21, No.1, pp.59-21.

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Walker, and Tobias, April 2007, “A Pragmatist’s Perspective of Management Models”, Journal of Strategic Change, Vol.16, pp.285-301.

Walker, D.S, and Shiu, E, (2007). “New product marketing visioning in small enterprises: a preliminary empirical study within the Central Technology Belt in England, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development”, Vol.14, No.1, pp.81-92.

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