Dr Paloma Garcia PhD

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Senior Researcher

Contact details

Institute of Biomedical Research
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

The Garcia group research interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms that maintain genome integrity in stem cells and how lose of genome integrity leads to development of cancer during ageing. Her research focus on both embryonic stem cells ESC/iPSC and adult stem cells, in particular haempoietic stem cells (and how genome instability leads to blood disorders during ageing).


Principal Investigator in Stem cells and genome stability:

  • PhD (1997) Medical School, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid
  • BSc Biology (1994) School of Biology, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid


Dr Paloma García has been working for the last 10 years on stem/progenitor cell properties and the development of blood disorders.

Her principal strategy has been to develop novel alleles of myb genes that lead to reduced expression or enable gene inactivation in a controlled manner.

Other than her work on c-Myb she established a conditional gene deletion approach to investigate MybL2 function. PG was granted a Marie Curie fellowship to support this work. She was able to demonstrate that correct levels of MybL2 are necessary to maintain genome stability in human haemopoietic cells, and that low levels result in DNA fragmentation and chromosome rearrangements. Also, using her mouse model, she demonstrated the importance of MybL2 in the development of blood disorders during ageing.

She also led the investigation that revealed a role for MybL2 in the elongation rate of replication forks in ESC. García’s independent research group was established in 2009, once she was awarded a Researcher Fellow position at the University of Birmingham through the Science City Research Alliance scheme (SCRA). She now holds a Senior Researcher position at the University of Birmingham.

 2009-2013  Research Fellow under the Science City Research Alliance (SCRA). College of Medical and Dental Science, University of Birmingham.
2006 - 2009  BBSRC Research Co-Investigator, Stem Cell Laboratory, Institute for Biomedical Research, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham.
2002 - 2006  Postdoctoral researcher, Institute for Biomedical Research, The Medical School, University of Birmingham
1999 - 2002  Marie Curie Postdoctoral Researcher, WIMM, University of Oxford.
1998 - 1999   Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia Postdoctoral Research Fellow, WIMM, University of Oxford
1997 - 1998   AICR Postdoctoral Researcher, Medical School, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid
1996   EMBO Short Term Fellow, WIMM, University of Oxford
1994 -1997    PhD Student Medical School, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid



  • Stem cell Module (BMedSci)
  • From Genes to therapy Module (BMedSci)
  • Experimental immunology Module(BMedSci)
  • Research taster (MBchB)


  • MSc Mol Mech Immunol

Postgraduate supervision

PhD and MRes supervision

Self-funded PhD students are welcome to apply.


  • Mechanisms regulating proliferation and genomic stability in embryonic stem cells and somatic cells, with a special focus into the role of the transcription factor MybL2 (B-Myb) at the interplay between DNA replication and DNA repair.

• Investigation of the molecular basis behind the deletion of chromosome 20q (del20q), and in particular the role of MybL2 haploinsuficiency in the development of haematological diseases.

• Gene expression mechanisms regulating haemopoietic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation; in particular, studies on the transcription factor c-Myb are a major, on-going research project because of its central role in coordinating signaling and gene expression events.


  • Eva Barragan/Miguel Angel Sanz: Hospital La Fe, Valencia

Other activities

  • Member of the BUSCC steering committee
  • Member of the UK national Stem Cell Network


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