Mrs Smitaa Patel BSc, MSc


Medical Statistician

Contact details

Telephone +44 (0) 121 415 9115

Fax +44 (0) 121 415 9135


Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU)
School of Cancer Sciences
Robert Aitken Institute


Smitaa is a Medical Statistician working at the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU) in the school of Cancer Sciences. She works on the Parkinson’s Disease portfolio of trials. This involves the managing of day to day running of the trial as well as programming, analysing and reporting the trial results.


  • MSc in Medical Statistics, University of Leicester, 2006 
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Biomedical Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University, 2004


After finishing university Smitaa joined the unit as a trainee statistician and worked part-time at Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU) on Parkinson’s disease trials and part-time at Primary Care working on physiotherapy trials in Stroke patients.

In 2007 Smitaa decided to work full-time at BCTU on the Parkinson’s Disease portfolio of trials. This involved the managing of day to day running of the trial as well as programming, analysing and reporting the trial results. As well as this Smitaa also has a keen interest in systematic reviews which she is also working on in this portfolio.

Smitaa has also had the opportunity to present posters at various international conferences and has also held a platform presentation.


  • BCTU Research Methods


Smitaa is currently working on surgical, medical and rehabilitation trials in Parkinson’s Disease, managing and reporting data as well as systematic reviews in this area. She has previously worked on respiratory studies, HIV studies, Renovascular Disease, STI, Huntington’s Disease trials and rehabilitation in stroke trials doing programming, analysis and reporting.

Other activities

  • Member of Royal Statistical Society (RSS), 2006
  • Member of Statisticians in Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI), 2006


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