Dr Siân Lax BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr Siân Lax

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
Research Fellow

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Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
Centre for Translational Inflammation Research
University of Birmingham Research Laboratories
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Mindelsohn Way
Birmingham, B15 2WB

Siân Lax is a post-doctoral research fellow working in Doctor David Thickett’s Lung Injury Group. Her current project involves understanding the role of glucocorticoids and Vitamin D in the severity and persistence of acute lung injury (ALI) using in vivo models of lung inflammation and injury. Her previous post-doctoral work involved elucidating the in vivo role of mesenchymal stromal cells in lymphoid tissues following infection. Siân obtained her PhD from Birmingham University in 2005 where she researched the function of Rho-kinase II in regulated keratinocyte differentiation.


  • PhD in biochemistry
  • BSc (Hons) in molecular and cellular biochemistry


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