Dr Emma Woodward


NIHR Clinician Scientist and Senior Lecturer

Reproduction, Genes and Development

Contact details

School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Emma teaches cancer genetics to 4th year MB ChB students undertaking their oncology attachment and she is also involved with teaching trainees in Clinical Genetics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.


Emma's clinical interests are in the assessment and management of families with a hereditary predisposition to cancer and my research interests are in the identification and functional analysis of renal cell cancer (RCC) susceptibility genes. Thus, her laboratory based project involves the characterisation of the breakpoints of constitutional chromosome translocations associated with a predisposition to the development of RCC. The genes identified from the breakpoints provide candidates genes whose role in the development of sporadic RCC can be assessed and their functional role delineated. By identifying the genetic and epigenetic events leading to RCC tumourigenesis she hopes to improve patient outcome from this cancer as surveillance can be offered to at-risk presymptomatic patients and novel therapeutic strategies developed. These studies are being expanded to include families and individuals with a predisposition to cancers other than RCC. Thus we will shortly be commencing a study of predisposition to medullary thyroid cancer. Emma is also involved in national and international collaborative epidemiological studies of familial cancer.

Other activities

Supervisor to a PhD student and committee member for the Cancer Genetics Group of the British Society of Human Genetics

Clinical Activity / NHS Affiliation:
Honorary consultant clinical geneticist at Birmingham Women’s Hospital


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