Dr Jessica Heron BA, MA (Oxon), PhD.


Senior Research Fellow in Perinatal Psychiatry


Jessica Heron

Contact details

School of Clinical & Experimental Medicine
The Barberry National Centre for Mental Health,
University of Birmingham,
25 Vincent Drive,
Birmingham, B15 2SF


  • PhD (Psychiatry)University of Birmingham 2006
  • MA (Oxon) 1998
  • BA Hons Experimental Psychology, Oxford University 1997

Other activities

Action on Postpartum Psychosis Website: www.app-network.org

Postpartum Psychosis support forum: http://app-network.healthunlocked.com/

Follow APP on Twitter: ActionOnPP

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ActionOnPP


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Heron, J., Gilbert, N., Dolmon, C., Shah, S., Beare, I., Dearden, S., Muckelroy, N., Jones, I., & Ives, J. (2012). Information and support needs during recovery from postpartum psychosis, Archives of Womens Mental Health, 15: 155-165.

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Heron J, Haque S, Oyebode F, Craddock N, Jones I. (2009) A longitudinal study of hypomania and depression in pregnancy and the postpartum. Bipolar Disorders, 11: 410-417.

Book Chapters-

Jones I, Heron J, Robertson Blackmore E. Book chapter: Puerperal Psychosis. In Oxford Textbook of Women’s Mental Health, Dora Kohen Ed, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Web Sites -

Heron, J, & APP. Action on Postpartum Psychosis: An Information Resource for those affected by Postpartum Psychosis. Available from http://www.app-network.org

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