Dr Min An BEng (Hons), MEng, PhD, CEng, MCICE

Min An

Department of Civil Engineering
Reader in Project and Transport Risk Management
Convenor of MSc in Civil Engineering
Convenor of MSc in Civil Engineering and Management

Contact details

+44 (0) 121 414 5146
+44 (0) 121 414 3675
School of Civil Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

After Dr An received a BEng (Hons) and a MSc in Civil Engineering from Xian Jiaotong University, he was a Civil Engineer and then a Chief Civil Engineer in two Design & Research Institutes.

He was a Visiting RF at Birmingham University in 1993, and then he joined Heriot-Watt University as a PhD research student in 1994 and was employed as a RF at Liverpool JM University in 1998.

He joined Coventry University in 2001 and was a lecturer and the Director of the Engineering Design Research Centre (EDRC) until May 2003. He joined the University of Birmingham in June 2003.

He is also a member of staff within Railway Research Centre and Infrastructure Engineering and Management Research Centre.

Dr An has been involved in developing and applying more rational and sustainable safety, risk, reliability and decision-making techniques and methods to facilitate engineering design, construction and maintenance safety and reliability analysis. This work has been sustained over the past twenty years and has resulted in over one hundred technical papers and reports related to railway, road, offshore oil & gas, nuclear, automotive, construction and transportation safety and reliability.

He has delivered many workshops to transfer his research results to industry. He has been awarded one special prize, two first-prizes and two second-prizes in advanced science and technology for his scientific research.


Dr An is Honorary Professor in Xian Economics & Management University; Associate Editor for World Journal of Engineering; member of the Editorial Board for International Journal of Engineering and Technology; Member of the Editorial Board for International Journal of Project Organisation and Management;

Member of the Editorial Board for International Journal of Information Sciences and Management; Member of the Editorial Board for the Open Transportation Journal; Research Project Assessor for the Research Committee of City University, Hong Kong; member of International Advisory Board for International Conferences on Human Factors in Design, Safety and Management; International Advisory referee for International Conference on Product Development and Reliability.

He currently reviews research papers for more than 20 international journals and assess research grant proposal for the EPSRC. He has been invited to give many seminars for researchers and the industry, and keynote lectures at the international conferences. He is an acting Editor for the “Handbook of Safety Risk and Reliability Assessment in Construction Projects”.


Engineering design for safety, risk and reliability assessment techniques, construction management, construction project risk management, Transportation safety management, appropriate techniques in developing countries, construction and seismic design of buildings, health & safety management on construction sites, railway safety management & risk assessment.

PhD opportunities


Dr An’s expertise is in the development of safety risk and reliability assessment techniques so that safety and reliability aspects can be taken into account in the engineering design, construction and maintenance processes, and the development of the advanced procedures for minimising risks by improved design aspects, construction and maintenance strategies based on safety and reliability assessment.

His research has been carried out in collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners including London Underground Ltd (LUL), Rail Safety & Standard Board (RSSB), Network Rail, Tube Lines Ltd, Metronet SSL, Serco Assurance Ltd, Risktec Solutions Ltd, Balfour Beatty, TACO, Eurostar (UK) Ltd, Amey Plc, Health & Safety Executive (HSE), International Mechanics Technology UK Ltd, Ford Motor Company, Jaguar, Land Rover, TRW Conekt, MIRA, Australia Manufacturing Company PTY Ltd, JOY Machinery UK Ltd, Shell, BP, British Gas, Sir Robert McAlpine, Scott Wilson, Ernst & Young, Faithful & Gould, Currie & Brown, Turner & Townsend, BAE systems and British Highways Agency etc. and the research work has been funded from a variety of sources including industry, the research councils and government agencies.

Other activities

Current Projects

Further details of projects listed can be located on the group research page.

  • Application of Fuzzy Reasoning Approach to the Railway Safety Risk Assessment Process
  • Improved Rail Safety-risk Assessment Study
  • Reliability analysis of high speed trains
  • Construction Project Risk Assessment at Appraisal – The FRAP Approach
  • A Study on Reliability and Maintanence of Railway Vechicles.
  • An Intelligent Safety Prediction System for Rail Design and Maintenance
  • Development of Risk Assessment Models and Tools for Rail Construction and Maintenance
  • Prediction of Traffic Noise Risk Using GIS
  • Managing Risks in the Construction Projects
  • A Risk Assessment Based on Decision Making at the Construction Planning Stage
  • Cost-reliability improvement of automotive products and components
  • Risk assessment in road/rail interfaces
  • Reliability Prediction Models for Reliability Assessment of Ageing Bridges


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