Professor Trevor Burke DDS, MSc, MDS, FDS MGDS RCS (Edin.) FDS RCS, FADM

Professor Trevor Burke

School of Dentistry
Professor of Primary Dental Care

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Trevor Burke is (part time) Professor of Primary Dental Care and Hon Consultant in Restorative Dentistry in the Institute of Clinical Sciences. His principal activity currently involves being Programme Director of a Masters course in Advanced General Dental Practice,this having been set up 14 years ago and being part time to suit the busy lives of general dental practitioners. A Distance version of the course commenced in February 2013 and the campus-based course has been phased out. 

Trevor is  (co-) author of 310 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and four books. His principal interests are in the translation of in vitro research on dental materials into the clinical situation. In this regard, he co-ordinates the work of a practice-based research group, the PREP (Product Research and Evaluation by Practitioners) Panel, with 33 dentists UK-wide who carry out clinical evaluations of a variety of materials and other practice-based studies. 

He has been Chair of the recently established Network for Practice-based Research Network of the IADR.

Trevor is also Editorial Director of Dental Update and is an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 


  • BDS Queens University Belfast, 1969
  • MDS Queens University Belfast, 1972
  • DDS University of Manchester 1993.
  • MSc, University of Manchester, 1989.
  • FADM 2000.


Trevor Burke graduated at Queens University Belfast, and, following appointments in the School of Dentistry, Belfast, he worked in general dental practice from 1974 to 1992 in Manchester, also working 1.5 days per week in the Unit of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester. Appointed Senior Research Fellow in 1991, Senior Lecturer in Dental Practice, University of Manchester 1992, Professor of Dental Primary Care at University of Glasgow in 1996, moving to his present position as Professor of Primary Dental Care at the University of Birmingham and Hon. Consultant in Restorative Dentistry in 2000. Principal activities include the treatment of patients often referred because of tooth wear, being Course Director of a Masters Course, specifically designed for general dental practitioners (currently with circa 80 students), and research (detailed below). 

Trevor is (co-) author of 310 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and four books. He has been awarded over 80 research grants.


  • BDS
  • MSc Advanced General Dental Practice (Campus based and Distance)

Postgraduate supervision

Supervision of one PhD student.

Trevor also supervises the majority of the research projects carried out by the students taking the Masters in Advanced General Dental Practice on the campus-based course. 


Trevor's research interests include, properties and applications of tooth-coloured restorative materials, clinical evaluation of materials and their performance in general dental practice, the design of an index of oral health for clinical audit and quality control, and ill health retirement among dentists. 

Trevor’s strongest research interests today centre on Practice-based Research, in which Trevor co-ordinates the operation of a nationwide research group, the PREP (Product Research and Evaluation by Practitioners). This group, which Trevor founded in 1993, has conducted over 60 “handling” evaluations of dental materials and presently has clinical evaluations of a variety of projects ongoing. He also helped establish BRIDGE (Birmingham Research In Dental General practicE) a practice based research group in the West Midlands. In this regard, Trevor is a founding member of and was Chair of the Practice-based Research Network of the IADR until March 2015.

His other research interests include reasons for premature retirement of dentists and evaluation of indices used for patient assessment. Along with Dr Steve Lucarotti, formerly Chief Statistician at the Dental Practice Board, Trevor is investigating restoration longevity in England and Wales using a massive data set which includes 10 million restorations at 16 years, the biggest data set ever developed for dental research.  A numberof research projects are ongoing, using this data set. These include factors influencing survival of restorations of all types, and the effect of restorations on the overall lifespan of the restored tooth. 

Other activities

As an Hon Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Trevor takes referrals from practice, with his principal interest being the minimal invasive treatment of tooth wear using resin composite restorations. Trevor is also an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Editorial Director of Dental Update.


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