Dr Adrian Shortall DDS, BDS, FDSRCPS(Glasg), FFDRCSI

Dr Adrian Shortall

School of Dentistry

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The School of Dentistry
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
St Chad's Queensway
B4 6NN
United Kingdom

Adrian Shortall is a part time Reader in Restorative Dentistry, responsible for one-to-one teaching of dental students and shares the duties of Head of Conservation Specialty Teaching with Professor Lumley. He also timetables Conservation Specialty Teaching (CST) and updates the teaching programme in this area as required. He teaches on Junior, Intermediate and Senior Laboratory courses in Conservation and co-ordinates the Occlusion teaching component of CST.

Adrian contributes to teaching of our taught Masters (M.Clin.Dent) course. He is a member of the British Division of IADR Dental Materials Group. He regularly referees papers for a number of peer reviewed International Dental Journals. He continues to contribute to the School’s research profile through his joint research work with colleagues in Biomaterials as well as his personal research activity.


  • BDS Queens University of Belfast 1972.
  • FDSRCPS (Glasgow) 1976. 
  • FFDRCSI (Restorative Dentistry) 1980.
  • DDS University of Birmingham 1988.
  • Fellow of the Academy of Dental Materials 2002.


Adrian has acted as the external examiner for the MSc in Restorative Dentistry course at Newcastle University for a three year period. He has co-ordinated the practical component of the Part I Statutory Examination at this School between 1992 to 2000. He has been one of the Consultant trainers for the Dental Hospital HO/SHO rotation scheme and acted as one of the Consultant leads on audit topics. He has been actively involved in dental postgraduate education giving 40 lectures / presentations / hands-on courses during the period 2000 to 2005 alone.


  • BDS.
  • BMedSc.

Postgraduate supervision

Adrian has supervised or co-supervised many undergraduate BDS and B.Med.Sci research projects as well as 5 Master of Dental Science and 10 Ph.D. students.



Adrian’s research interests are centred on adhesive restorative materials and techniques. He has over 80 peer reviewed research papers published and over 40 IADR/BSDR abstracts/presentations. Research collaborations have included the Laboratory of the Government Chemist, the National Physical laboratory, The Universities of Copenhagen, Regensburg, Nijmegen and Ankara a number of internationally based dental companies.  

Other activities

Adrian has acted as internal examiner at the University of Birmingham for 6 PhD and 3 MdentSc theses. He has also acted as external examiner for a Ph.D. student at ACTA. He has been Viva Chairperson for a number of Ph.D and M.Dent.Sci candidates.


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