Dr Marina Gashinova PhD

Dr Marina Gashinova

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

Contact details

School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering (EESE)
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Dr. Marina Gashinova is a Lecturer in Communications Engineering in the Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering School (EECE) of University of Birmingham (UoB) since October 2011. She is a member of internationally recognized Microwave Integrated System Laboratory headed by Prof. Cherniakov.

Marina’s principal research interests are in radar technologies, including automotive radar, bi-static radar, passive radar, THz sensing, imaging radar, automotive applications, signal processing, fundamental electromagnetic (EM) theory, computational EM, with current focus on radar imaging techniques and image processing, as well as advanced signal processing approaches to tackle new challenging problems in radar, communications and interdisciplinary applications.

Dr. Marina Gashinova  is a Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Investigator (CoI) on a number of research projects funded by EPSRC and industry (see Section “Research”). Two examples of current research, which she leads as a PI, re: “Radio-Holographic Object Imaging Technology Based on Forward Scattering Phenomena for Security Sensor Networks” (EPSRC) and “THz Terrain Identification and imaging” which is part of “TERASEN” strategic partnership with JLR since 2012. Within her current projects Dr.  Marina Gashinova conducts the research to develop application-specific advanced  radar automatic detection and classification algorithms and imaging techniques, which require expertise in both physics of electromagnetism and in modern radar technologies, conceptual image presentation and image interpretation.

Dr. Marina Gashinova has built strong research ties with long-standing university and research institution groups (Italy , France, Germany) and industrial partners (SELEX, Thales, JLR, VivaTech, DSTL ). She is  She is a UK representative of NATO SET 196 on multistatic/multichannel radar imaging, a TPC member of prestigious international conferences: International Radar Symposium 2010-2015, IET Radar Conference 2012. She is organizer of special sessions and workshops at international radar conferences, presenter of invited and regular talks. She is author/co-author of more than 60 publications in highly rated journals and conference proceedings.


  • PhD in physics and mathematics, 2003
  • MSc (Hons) in mathematics, Saint-Petersburg State University, 1991


Marina Gashinova received the MSc in mathematics from St Petersburg State University in 1991 and was awarded a PhD in radiophysics in 2003 from St Petersburg Electrotechnical University, St Petersburg, Russia. From 2003 to 2006 she was an Associate Professor at St Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Russia. She made few research visits in Czech Technical University (Prague) and Chalmers University (Goteborg, Sweden). In 2004 she has got a 1 year NATO/RS research fellowship for research in microwave near field microscopy at University of Birmingham. Since 2006 she has been with the University of Birmingham, first as a Research Fellow and then, from 2011, a Lecturer in Communication Engineering.


MSc courses

  • Introduction into Communications
  • Satellite Communication within Satellite, Mobile and Optical Communication module
  • RF remote sensing

Undergraduate courses

  • Electromagnetism (2nd year)

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Gashinova will consider applications for PhD students to work in an area related to her research, which includes automotive sensing, low-THz sensing, THz radar imaging, passive radar, forward scatter radar, multistatic and MIMO radar. You can contact her via email to discuss her current projects.

Current supervised and co-supervised research students:

  • Mr K. Kabakchiev (Viva in February) “Forward Scatter Radar. Clutter phenomenology and stastical and spectral properties” (UoB funding
  • Mr Mohammad Abbas (thesis submission stage) “Automotive sensors and classification for  terrain recognition” (JLR/UoB funding)
  • Ms Donya Jasteh (3-rd year) “Road environment sensing using low-THz radar” (JLR/UoB funding)
  • Mr Stanislav Hristov (3-rd year) “Radio-holography and SISAR based target profile reconstruction” (UoB funding)
  • Ms Wei Wei (3-rd year) “Automatic target detection based on coherent, quasi-coherent and non-coherent processing algorithms” (UoB funding)
  • Mr Ben Willets (1-st year)  “Low THz reflectivity from complex environment” (EPSRC/ Thales funded ICASE Award)
  • Mr Alessandro DeLuca (1-st year) “Investigation of Mobile and Passive Forward Scatter network for enhanced low-visibility target detections” (UoB funding)

PhD opportunities


Dr Gashinova is currently a Principal Investigator on:

  •  “Radio-Holographic Object Imaging Technology Based on Forward Scattering Phenomena for Security Sensor Networks”  (EPSRC - EP/L02J4578/1)
  •  “Terrain recognition  for automotive road sensing” (JLR)
  • “Low-THz radar imaging of the all-terrain road environment” (JLR)
  •  “Low THz reflectivity from complex environment” (EPSRC/ Thales funded ICASE Award)

and Co-Investigator on:

  •  “Terahertz Technology for Future Road Vehicles”(EPSRC - EP/L019078/1)
  • “Low-THz Missile Seekers”(Feasibility study funded by a European Defence Consortium on)

She has a group of 6 PhD students and 3 part-time research fellows dedicated to each of these large-scale projects.

Other activities

  • Member of the Technical Programme Committee of RADAR 2012, Glasgow,  and  International Radar Symposium (IRS) (since 2011)
  • Session chair of IRS, IET and EuRAD (EUMW) radar conferences since 2010.
  • Organizer of special sessions on
    •  ““Low-observable/stealth target detection and localization with multistatic/MIMO RF sensors” at IEEE International Radar conference 2014, Lille, France, 2014
    •  “THz sensing technologies” at International Radar Symposium (IRS) 2015, Dresden, Germany, 2015
  • Organizer  of the workshop on “Forward Scatter Radar: challenges, capabilities and modern modalities” at EuRAD 2014, Rome, Italy, 2014
  • Invited talks:
    • “Multistatic Forward Scatter Radar for accurate motion parameters estimation of low-observable targets” , special session at  IEEE International Radar conference 2014, Lille, France, 2014
    • “Passive Forward Scatter radar for low observable targets” at a short course on  “Passive radar sensors: theory and application” ,  EuRAD (EUMW) 2014, Rome, Italy
    • "Forward Scatter Micro-Sensors for Intruders’ Detection and Classification" at EuRAD 2011, October 2011, Manchester
    • Forward Scatter Micro-Sensors for Intruders’ Detection and Classification, COGIS by Thales, Crawley, November 2010
    • “Ultrawideband Signature Analysis for Body-Worn Concealed Weapon Detection" at NATO Workshop, SET-113, Cranfield University, March 2008.
  • Reviewer of IEEE, IET journals and conferences since 2009
  • UK representative of NATO SET 196 on SET-196 Multichannel/Multistatic Radar Imaging of Non-cooperative Targets since 2011


Recent Publications

  • Guo, K.-Y.; Hoare, E.G.; Jasteh, D.; Sheng, X.-Q.; Gashinova, M., "Road Edge Recognition Using the Stripe Hough Transform From Millimeter-Wave Radar Images," Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Transactions on , vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-9, 2014
  • Gashinova, M.; Kabakchiev, K.; Daniel, L.; Hoare, E.; Sizov, V.; Cherniakov, M., "Measured forward-scatter sea clutter at near-zero grazing angle: analysis of spectral and statistical properties,"IET  Radar, Sonar & Navigation, vol.8, no.2, pp.132,141, February 2014
  • Bystrov A.; Djigan V; Gashinova M. “Analysis of non-linear properties of digital radar range finders using statistical linearization method” IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, Volume 8, Issue 9, December 2014, p. 1127 – 1134
  • Barker, DJ ; Jackson, TJ ; Suherman, PM ; Gashinova, MS ; Lancaster, MJ “Uncertainties in the permittivity of thin films extracted from measurements with near field microwave microscopy calibrated by an image charge model”, Measurement Science & Technology, 2014 Oct, Vol.25(10)
  • Gashinova, M.; Daniel, L.; Sizov, V.; Hoare, E.; Cherniakov, M., "Phenomenology of Doppler forward scatter radar for surface targets observation," Radar, Sonar & Navigation, IET , vol.7, no.4, pp.422,432, April 2013
  • Bystrov, A.; Gashinova, M., "Analysis of stroboscopic signal sampling for radar target detectors and range finders," Radar, Sonar & Navigation, IET , vol.7, no.4, pp.451,458, April 2013
  • Gashinova, Marina ; Daniel, Liam ; Hoare, Edward ; Kabakchiev, Kalin ; Cherniakov, Mikhail ; Sizov, Vladimir, “”Signal characterisation and processing in the forward scatter mode of bistatic passive coherent location”, Eurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2013, Vol.2013(1)
  • Guo, Kun-yi ; Li, Qi-feng ; Sheng, Xin-qing ; Gashinova, Marina,  “Sliding Scaterring Center Model For Extended Streamlined Targets”, Progress In Electromagnetics Research, 2013, Vol.139, pp.499-516,/ 2013
  • Sizov, V.; Gashinova, M.; Zakaria, N.; Cherniakov, M., "VHF communication channel characterisations over complex wooded propagation paths with applications to ground wireless sensor networks," Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, IET , vol.7, no.3, pp.166,174, 2013
  • Cheng Hu; Sizov, V.; Antoniou, M.; Gashinova, M.; Cherniakov, M., "Optimal Signal Processing in Ground-Based Forward Scatter Micro Radars," Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on , vol.48, no.4, pp.3006,3026, 2012

Selected conference publications

  • Vizard, D.R.; Gashinova, M.; Hoare, E.G.; Jasteh, D.; Daniel, L.; Cherniakov, M.; Tran, T.-Y.; Clarke, N., "Antenna range evaluations of low THz imagers for automotive applications" Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA), 2014 IEEE Conference on , pp.1,4, 16-19 Nov. 2014
  • Hristov, S.; Daniel, L.; Gashinova, M., "Software defined radio for profile reconstruction in forward scatter radar," European Microwave Conference (EuMC), 2014 44th , pp.1876,1879, 6-9 Oct. 2014
  • Kabakchiev, K.; Daniel, L.; Gashinova, M.; Hoare, E.; Cherniakov, M.; Sizov, V., "Radar parameters influence on the clutter in maritime forward scatter radar," European Radar Conference (EuRAD), 2014 11th , pp.113,116, 8-10 Oct. 2014
  • Bystrov, A.; Abbas, M.; Hoare, E.; Tran, T.-Y.; Clarke, N.; Gashinova, M.; Cherniakov, M., "Remote road surface identification using radar and ultrasonic sensors," European Radar Conference (EuRAD), 2014 11th , vol., no., pp.185,188, 8-10 Oct. 2014
  • Ryndyk, A.G.; Myakinkov, A.V.; Smirnova, D.M.; Gashinova, M.S., "Estimation of coordinates of ground targets in multi-static forward scattering radar," Radar Systems (Radar 2012), IET International Conference on , pp.1,4, 22-25 Oct. 2012
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  • Gashinova, M.; Djigan, V.; Daniel, L.Y.; Cherniakov, M., "Adaptive calibration in UWB radar," Radar Conference, 2008. RADAR '08. IEEE , vol., no., pp.1,6, 26-30 May 2008