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Els Van Geyte

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


I have been teaching English at the University of Birmingham since 1999. I have taught EAP, ESAP and Business English on presessional and insessional courses and had stints as insessional coordinator and assessment coordinator.


  • Master of Linguistics & Literature: English & Dutch (KUL, Louvain, Belgium)
  • Masters in Modern European Studies (London Metropolitan)
  • Postgraduate Teaching Qualification (KUL, Louvain), leading to QTS
  • Cambridge DELTA
  • Certificate in Teaching English for Business (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


My previous work experience has also centred mostly around languages: teaching, translating, editing, examining, devising exams (Institute of Linguists), writing language courses and teacher training.


I have recently taught on the following EISU programmes:

  • BME presessional course
  • EAP1 presessional course
  • Insessional classes

Other activities

MA supervision

I started supervising MAs in English Language Studies in 2013.

Conference presentations

  • 2013 University Graduate School (Writing Summer School): Structuring the thesis - what story does your research tell?
  • 2012 EALTA, Innsbruck: Developing a ‘quick and effective’ tool for identifying deficit in academic writing skills for university students. (co-presented with Jonathan Rees) 
  • 2011 Centre for Advanced Research in English and Centre for Corpus Research joint symposium: 
  • Can we teach students how to argue? Examples from 'The Birmingham Briefs', A Corpus of Semi-Academic Professional Writing. 
  • 2011 Teaching and Learning Conference: What do our students really want to know about the use of English? Insights from a pilot Q&A e-mail service for international students. 
  • 2010 BALEAP PIM, Newcastle: Non-compulsory 'open access' classes: motivation and retention. 
  • 2010 Writing development in Higher Education, London: Research into Practice: A Model for Sustainable Writing Development (co-presented with Suganthi John).

Journal articles

  • I am a reviewer for the peer reviewed English Language Research Journal.
  • I was an editor for the Birmingham Journal for Europe.

Current research

I am currently working part-time and pursuing a PhD in English.  The provisional title is: ‘Guiding students towards better academic essays: an investigation into the role of syntax in the argumentational skills of expert and non-expert writers’



  • Van Geyte, E. (2013). Writing: Learn to Write Better Academic Essays. London: Collins.
  • Van Geyte, E. (2012). Get Ready for IELTS Reading. London: Collins.
  • Van Geyte, E. (2011). Reading for IELTS. London: Collins. 

Book Reviews 

  • Van Geyte, E. (2011). Book Review of ‘New Fast Class for First Certificate’ by K. Gude (Oxford: OUP, 2010). BALEAP website.  

Audio Courses 

  • Van Geyte, E. and Adkins-de Jong, C. (2012). Perfect Dutch. London: Hodder Education.
  • Van Geyte, E. and Adkins-de Jong, C. (2011). Total Dutch. London: Hodder Education.
  • Van Geyte, E. and Adkins-de Jong, C. (2011). Start Dutch. London: Hodder Education.  


  • Van Geyte, E. (2012) and Adkins-de Jong, C. (2012). Michel Thomas: Dutch. London: Hachette UK.

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