Dr Mark Cuthbert


Research Fellow

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences


Contact details

Telephone +61 2 8071 9800

Fax +61 2 9949 4188

Email m.cuthbert@bham.ac.uk

Secondary Email m.cuthbert@wrl.unsw.edu.au

University of New South Wales
Water Research Laboratory
110 King Street
Manly Vale, NSW, 2093


2012 – Present: Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of New South Wales, Australia & University of Birmingham, UK (EU FP7 funded)

2008 – 2012: Research Fellow, University of Birmingham (EU FP6 & EPSRC funded)

2006 – 2008: Director, CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service), a small peacebuilding/development charity

2003 – 2006: PhD Student, University of Birmingham (NERC funded)

1999 – 2003: Consultant Hydrogeologist, Entec UK Ltd

1998 – 1999: MSc Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources, University College London

1995-1998: BA, MA, Earth Sciences, University of Oxford


Research group

Research interests

  • Groundwater recharge
  • Surface water-groundwater interactions
  • Applied hydrogeology for nuclear waste disposal and decommissioning
  • Groundwater and unsaturated zone modeling
  • International groundwater development and peacebuilding

Current / recent research

Though working across a range of disciplines and environments, the common focus of my research is on improving understanding of groundwater hydraulic processes by combining innovative laboratory and field data collection with analytical and numerical modeling.  My research covers the following areas:

 Groundwater recharge

  • Groundwater rechargeField investigations and modelling of recharge from ephemeral streams in the upper Maules Creek Catchment, NSW, Australia (in collaboration with NCGRT)
  • Investigations into preferential flow phenonena in recharge processes at a range of scales
  • Field investigation and modeling of recharge through superficial deposits, Shropshire, UK (NERC LOCAR project)
  • Groundwater recharge and climate change in NE Uganda (collaboration with Ugandan MWE)
  • Developing techniques for improving recharge estimation from groundwater level observations 


Surface water-groundwater interactions

  • Surface water-groundwater interactionsField and modelling investigations into the use of heat as a tracer in streambed environments
  • Field studies into groundwater-surface water exchange processes in the Maules Creek catchment, NSW, Australia
  • Hydrological exchange processes in the River Tame, UK (EU FP6 SWITCH and Environment Agency project)
  • Investigating the impact of road salting on surface water and groundwater quality, Bromsgrove, UK (Environment Agency funded)
  • Development of a river bed electrical conductivity probe for inferring transient hyporheic zone exchange 


Applied hydrogeology for nuclear waste disposal and decommissioningApplied groundwater microbiology

  • Biomineralisation processes for artificially reducing the permeability of fractured rock for applications in nuclear waste decommissioning and disposal (EPSRC funded)
  • Bacterial transport modelling in fractured and porous media 


International groundwater development and peacebuildingInternational groundwater development and peacebuilding

  • Modeling arsenic transport to hand-pumped tubewells in the Holocene alluvial aquifer of Bangladesh (NERC funded MSc studentship)
  • Improving the hydrogeological understanding of NE Uganda and links between water resources, conflict and climate change


Journal Articles

Cuthbert, M. O., Baker, A., Jex, C. N., Graham, P. W., Treble, P., Andersen, M. S. & Acworth, R. I. (2014). Drip water isotopes in semi-arid karst: implications for speleothem paleoclimatology. Earth & Planetary Science Letters. (In Press).

Cuthbert, M. O. (2014), Straight thinking about groundwater recession, Water Resour. Res., 50, doi:10.1002/2013WR014060.

Tobler, D. J., Cuthbert, M. O., & Phoenix, V. R. (2014). Transport of Sporosarcina pasteurii in sandstone and its significance for subsurface engineering technologies. Applied Geochemistry, 42, 38-44.

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Cuthbert, M. O., McMillan, L. A., Handley-Sidhu, S., Riley, M. S., Tobler, D. J., & Phoenix, V. (2013). A field and modelling study of fractured rock permeability reduction using microbially induced calcite precipitation. Environ. Sci. Technol., 47, 13637–13643

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Handley-Sidhu, S, Sham, E., Cuthbert, M. O., Nougarol, S., Mantle, M., Johns, M. L., Macaskie, L. E., & Renshaw, J. C. (2013).  Kinetics of calcite precipitation by urease active bean meal and permeability reduction of porous media evidenced by magnetic resonance imaging.  Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol., 10, 881–890.

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Cuthbert, M. O., Riley, M. S., Handley-Sidhu, S, Renshaw, J. C., Tobler, D. J., Phoenix, V. R. & Mackay, R. (2012).  Controls on the rate of ureolysis and the morphology of carbonate precipitated by S. Pasteurii biofilms and limits due to bacterial encapsulation.  Ecological Engineering, 41, 32-40.

Holman I. P., Allen, D. M., Cuthbert M. O. & Goderniaux P. (2012).  Towards best practice for assessing the impacts of climate change on groundwater.  Hydrogeology Journal, 20: 1-4.

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Contributions to Edited Works

Gavigan, J., Mackay, R. & Cuthbert, M. O. (2009).  Climate change impacts on groundwater recharge in NE Uganda and the potential role of groundwater development in livelihood adaptation and peacebuilding.  In: Taylor, R., Tindimugaya, C., Owor, M. & Shamsudduha, M. (eds.), Groundwater & Climate Change in Africa. IAHS Publication 334, p.153-60, ISBN 978-1-907161-05-6.

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Mackay, R., Cuthbert, M. O., Ash, H. & Tellam, J. H. (2006).  Towards an up-scaled model of aquifer recharge through glacial drift deposits, Shropshire, UK.  In: Bierkens, M. F.P., Gehrels, J.C. & Kovar, K. (eds.), Calibration and Reliability in Groundwater Modelling: From Uncertainty to Decision Making. IAHS Publication 304, p.52-58, ISBN 1-901-502-58-9.

Cuthbert, M. O., Burgess, W. G. & Connell, L. (2002).  Constraints on sustainable development of arsenic-bearing aquifers in southern Bangladesh. Part 2: Preliminary models of arsenic variability in pumped groundwater.  In: Hiscock, K.M., Rivett, M.O. & Davison, R.M. (eds.), Sustainable Groundwater Development. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 193, 165-179.

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