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School of Health and Population Sciences
Medical School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Amelia Swift is a registered nurse and lecturer in Nursing.

Amelia has published a number of scholarly papers and a book chapter furthering nurses understanding of pain and its management.  She has developed excellent skills in teaching and was a finalist in the Student Nursing Times Lecturer of the Year awards in 2012. She is particularly interested in using technology as part of the teaching armoury and has introduced a number of electronic strategies to the Nursing department.

Amelia continues to teach and is now beginning to establish her research career with an emphasis on the improvement of patient care and a particular interest in pain and symptom management.


Lecturer in Nursing:

  • PhD in Health Sciences (osteoarthritis pain transmission), University of Birmingham 2012
  • PGCE (HE) 2001
  • MSc in Health Sciences (Management and Education), University of Birmingham, 1999
  • ENB 100 Intensive Care Nursing, Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing (QESN), Birmingham 1995
  • ENB 998 Teaching and Assessing Nurses, QESN, 1995
  • RGN, Charles Frear School of Nursing, 1989 


Amelia qualified as a nurse in 1989 and worked in surgical wards, intensive care and then as one of the first Clinical Specialist Nurses in chronic pain management, becoming a member of one of the first multi-disciplinary pain services in the UK.   Amelia’s interest in pain continued and she took a research nursing post at the Heart of England NHSFT exploring the pain of osteoarthritis as well as pain scoring methods.  This eventually formed the basis of her PhD in which she combined basic science techniques in the laboratory with clinical research in the practice area. She was awarded her PhD in 2012 and is now developing a research portfolio with effective pain management and improvement in patient experience at its heart.


Postgraduate supervision



Amelia is currently developing a portfolio of research to explore and improve pain management, which incorporates her interest in the patient’s experience, assessment methods and technology. 


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