Mrs Jackie Ingram

Primary Care Clinical Sciences
Nurse Team Lead

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Primary Care Clinical Sciences
School of Health and Population Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT

Jackie Ingram is Nurse Team Lead in the Primary Care Clinical Research & Trials Unit. Her role at the unit involves providing overall managerial responsibility for the clinical nurses within the facilitation team.

Jackie’s extensive experience of nursing, primary care research and clinical trials management, enables her to offer operational and clinical leadership and direction to the research nurses and other members of the teams. She is responsible for project managing the Host Nurse scheme, whereby research nurses are placed in GP practices to assist and encourage participation in portfolio studies. Currently Jackie has 7 Host Practices to oversee. She has responsibility for research training for this nursing team, liaising between study teams and the practice staff, organising new contracts and encouraging study uptake. Jackie ensures that the highest standard of care is delivered to research participants by her team so the rights, safety and well-being of trial participants are maintained whilst also ensuring scientific quality of the studies.

Prior to her current role Jackie has worked as a Research Nurse in Rheumatology; a Research Sister, both in Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in the Department of Medicine and in Cardiology in Public Health; and as a Trial Manager within the UK Centre of Tobacco Control Studies.

Jackie is responsible for staff management, training and CPD; risk assessment; study design; trial coordination; patient recruitment; R&D; ethics; site set up; monitoring; site closure; data cleansing and archiving.

Jackie’s involvement in front-line research, dealing directly with participants has resulted in a number of publications.


Registered General Nurse 1985


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