Paloma López Serrapio

Paloma López Serrapio

Department of Modern Languages
Galician Language and Culture Teaching Fellow

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I came to the University of Birmingham with the aim of promoting the language, literature and culture of Galicia. I feel very fortunate that my work consists of sharing my own culture.


Paloma López Serrapio graduated from the University of Vigo (Spain) with a BA in Translation and Interpretation.

She holds a qualification as Sworn Translator and Interpreter granted by the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación (Spain).


During her degree, Paloma López Serrapio majored in English. She also studied French, German and Italian.

Before finishing her degree, she completed several internships as a translator and interpreter.

After concluding her degree, she worked as a Foreign Language Assistant in a secondary school in England. 


Modules Taught

  • Galician Language and Culture I
  • Galician Language and Culture II
  • Galician Language and Culture III
  • Galician Portuguese Medieval Lyric
  • Galician Society and Culture


During the final year of her degree, Paloma López Serrapio was awarded with a scholarship to collaborate with her University Department. Her research project focused on the assessment of the usefulness of translation memory managers.

Paloma is currently studying a MA by Research on “Translation, Advertising and Identity in Galicia(n)”. Her research considers the nature and functions of advertising language in the Galician context, as well as the languages and linguistic strategies that are used to advertise Galician products and companies. Which language is preferred for advertising in Galicia and in which context? How is advertising language translated? Does advertising contribute to the construction and projection of a Galician identity?

Other activities

Together with teaching, Paloma López Serrapio regularly organises cultural activities under the Centre for Galician Studies of the University of Birmingham to promote the language, literature and culture of Galicia.