Dr Christopher Hill


Teaching Fellow in Twentieth Century British History

Department of History


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I work on the cultural and social history of modern Britain, with a particular interest in histories of activism and the mass media.


I joined the School of History and Cultures as a Teaching Fellow in Twentieth Century British History in September 2012.


First Year:

  • The Social History of Modern Britain
  • The Making of the Contemporary World

Second Year:

  • Group Research (Stop the War: Peace Movements in Modern Britain)
  • Research Methods 

Third Year:

  • ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’: Culture, Politics and Society in the Nuclear Age
  • Dissertation Supervisor
  • Mass Media and the Making of Modern Britain


My research focuses on social activism in post-war Britain, particularly in relation to anti-nuclear and -war movements and the role of the mass media.  My current work focuses on the relationship between peace movements and national identity in Scotland and Wales and the opposition of British organisations and Commonwealth countries to French nuclear tests in the Sahara.  I am also embarking on a project which examines the transition of British news agencies from imperial to third world news at the end of empire.


  • ‘Media and Democracy in Labour History: Re-assessing the Defence Debate of 1960’ in Class, Culture and Community: new perspectives in nineteenth and twentieth-century British Labour History (Cambridge Scholars, 2012)

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