Mrs María de los Ángeles Gimeno Santacruz

Department of Modern Languages
Language Tutor in Spanish

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a native speaker of Spanish and come from Zaragoza, Spain. I have been teaching Spanish in the University of Birmingham since 1998.


Licenciada en Filosofía y Letras, especialidad en Lenguas Modernas: Alemán e Inglés. Universidad de Salamanca. (BA in Modern Languages equivalent).



I have considerable experience of teaching Spanish at many different levels in the United Kingdom, from university degree students to mature people taking up the study of languages for a variety of purposes. Over the years I have taught honours degree students at all levels in Salford University, the Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Coventry and the University of Birmingham. I have taught at different times in grammar, secondary schools and Sixth-Form Colleges in Bolton, Northern Ireland and the West Midlands, teaching Spanish to all levels, and French and German to G.C.S.E.

I carried out various interpreting and translation jobs for the Royal Ulster Constabulary when I lived in Northern Ireland, and for a number of years I was involved in the preparation of G.C.S.E. and A-level listening examinations in Spanish.


At the University of Birmingham I have taught a wide range of Spanish language modules at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Currently I am the co-ordinator of Levels 1 and 7 and supervise a Tandem module. I enjoy my work encouraging students to improve their language skills.

I am used to working with a wide range of student abilities and interests, to providing my own teaching materials when necessary, to using satellite-viewing facilities, and a wide range of video and audio materials. I prepare my own teaching programmes and examinations, and am used to working with others to mark exams.

Other activities

I have attended numerous courses over the years to keep my teaching skills and source materials up to date.


  1. La España del siglo XIX vista por dos inglesas: Lady Holland y la novelista George Eliot (1802-1804 y 1867). Introducción y notas de Anthony H. Clarke y Trevor J. Dadson. Traducción de María de los Ángeles Gimeno Santacruz (Zaragoza: Institución «Fernando el Católico», 2012). I have translated into Spanish the texts for this book, which concerns the journey through Spain of Lord and Lady Holland in the early nineteenth century, and the journey undertaken in 1867 by George Eliot and her partner George Henry Lewes. These texts had never before been translated into Spanish and were largely unknown in Spain.
  2. Edgar Allison Peers, Santander, edición y prólogo de Anthony H. Clarke. Traducción de María Ángeles Gimeno Santacruz (Santander: Ediciones Tantín, 2008). I have translated the text of this rare and little-known book on Santander and its province in the early twentieth century written by the Professor of Spanish at the University of Liverpool.