Dr Anissa Daoudi

Department of Modern Languages
Lecturer in Arabic and Translation Studies
Language Co-ordinator for Arabic

Contact details

Ashley Building

I am currently Head of the Arabic section of Languages for All.

I am also the Project Convenor for the British Academy International Partnership and Hans Seidal (Tunisia) funded research network: We are organising a conference ‘Arabic and Gender Discourse(s) in the Arabic-speaking region’, scheduled for the 29 March 2013, bringing together international scholars working on the digital technologies in the MENA region and their role in re-shaping and re-defining the region.  Selected papers will be published in the  specialized international peer-reviewed journal Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies contracted and scheduled to appear in 2014.  


I studied for a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Leeds. After this, I held an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship for three years at the University of Durham. The project was entitled Globalisation and its impact on Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic and dialects, and was an interdisciplinary project analysing the linguistic changes that happened to Arabic as a result of the ‘Internet Revolution’ using an Internet based corpus, developing into deeper analyses of the cyberspace and the relationship between language and the various discourses that emerged prior, during and post Arab Revolutions.


I teach Translation Studies Modules: (Translation and Professional Communication Skills Module, Applied Translation Module and Extended projects), Readings in Modern Arabic, Arabic (3 levels) and Open Access Arabic Modules (Open to the public).

Postgraduate supervision

In collaboration with Dr Benedetta Rossi, West African Studies, we have been successful in getting a PhD scholarship to work on Arabic Sources for West African History, West African Manuscripts in collaboration with the British Library.

  • PhD: ‘Narrating and reframing Syrian Issue after Arab Spring in the new media translation of breaking news, media reports and blogs: Corpus-based approach’, September 2013.
  • PhD: ‘Corpus-based Stylistic Analysis in Arabic news writing: a comparative study between BBC Arabic and Al-Jazeera’, September 2013.
  • PhD: ‘Semantic and stylistic problems in translating news to Arabic: a case study of the Malaysian National News Agency BERNAMA, September 2013.
  • PhD: ‘Semantic shifts in the translation of self-help books from English into Arabic’, September 2013.
  • PhD: ‘Gendered ideology and translation: the effect of ideology on the translation of feminist texts into Arabic’, September 2013.
  • MA: “Attention Deficit Disorder”, Translation Dissertation, University of Birmingham, (2012).
  • MA: “Subtitling a video by Al Baz, religious preaching” Translation Dissertation, University of Birmingham, (2012).
  • MA: “Translation of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies’ website from English into Arabic”, University of Exeter (2006).
  • MA: “Translation of a novel by Tayeb Saleh” (2007).

Other activities

Funding and Prizes Awarded

  • 2013: AHRC Collaborative PhD Scholarship with the British Library and University of Birmingham (3-4 Years Full PhD Scholarship).
  • 2012  Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, Tunisia. Amount Awarded: £ 15,000 for organising an international conference in Tunisia on the 29th March 2012 on  ‘e-Arabic and Gender discourse(s)’.
  • 2008-2012: ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (approx: £150,000) at Durham University on ‘Globalisation and its impact on Arabic ( Standard/Dialects).
  • 2010: British Academy International Partnerships: successful. Amount awarded: £20,000  for 2 years (extended) to work on the bloggers’ communities  (UAE, Tunisia and Egypt). The outcome was an international conference in Durham on ‘e-Arabic and minorities in the MENA region.
  • 2010: Centre for Advanced Study of the Arab World. Amount awarded £20.000. The outcome was an international conference in cooperation with Temmimi Foundation in Tunisia on the ‘Arabic and the Internet’.
  • 2010: British Academy Overseas Grant: successful. Amount awarded: £500 travel costs to a conference in Canada.
  • Getty Foundation: to spend time at the American Centre for Research in Cairo, Egypt.  US$8000  towards costs of travel and accommodation for fieldwork stay in Egypt and Tunisia.
  • 2010: British Embassy in Tunisia:  £5000 Tunisia conference.
  • 2010: British Council in Tunisia  £1000 for publication costs (Tunisia conference).
  • 2007: E-Learning Grant, Exeter University: £7000 for developing courses on WebCt.
  • 1996: Al Tajeer Foundation: £3000 for M. ED. in TESOL

External Examiner for Translation Studies/language Programmes

  • 2011-2013 Westminster University.
  • 2009-2012 Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia.
  • 2005-2008 University of West of England, Bristol.
  • 2011 Took part in the 6th Annual Malta-Mediterranean Literature Festival devoted to Literatures in Translation for translating poetry (Arabic-French-English).



2014  e-Arabic and gender discourses in the MENA region: Tunisia as a case Study (in preparation).

2011  Cultural encounters: a linguistic study of EFL Arab learners encoding and decoding idioms.  Peter Lang. ISBN. 978-3-0343-0193-0

Edited Volumes

2013  e-Arabic and Cyberspace: the Marginalized Voices in the MENA region.  Contracted with Cambridge Scholars Press.

2011  Framing New Communicative Technologies in the Arab World.  Special number of Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research. Intellect Publishers. Volume 4, Issue 1. 2011. ISSN. 175-4911

La Langue Arabe face au Défis Technologiques, Temimi Foundation Publication.  ISBN. 9789973-32-112-1

Journal Articles (Refereed)

2011  Globalization, Computer-mediated communications and the rise of e-Arabic”, Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. Brill.  4  (2011) 146-163. ISSN 1873-9857

2011  Framing New Communicative Technologies in the Arab World”. Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research. Intellect Publishers. Volume 4. Issue 1. ISSN 175-4911

2011  Semantic analyzability and idiom comprehension: A case study of Arab learners” in Concordia Discors vs. Discordia Concors. Researches into Comparative Literature, Contrastive  Linguistics, Translation and Cross cultural, 2 /1, Stefancel Mare University Press, Suceava, ISSN 2065- 4057.

2008  Language Transfer and Idiom Comprehension: A case study of Algerian and Saudi subjects,   El- Tawassol, Volume 21, (an international, peer reviewed journal) Annaba university Press. Algeria.

2008  Translation Studies in the UK, Formation des Traducteurs, University of Algiers, Algerian University Press, (2008) ISSN 1111-4606

Book chapters

2011  Globalisation, e-Arabic: the emergence of a new language at the literal and figurative levels in Hasselblatt, Cornelius, Peter Houtzagers and Remco van Pareren (eds.) Language Contact in Times of Globalization, Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics 38. 61-76, Amsterdam - New York: Rodopi. ISBN 978-94-012-0043-1

2011  Globalisation, e-Arabic and the emergence of sub-culture in the Arab World in Al-Issa (ed). Global English: Issues of Language, culture and identity.  Peter Lang.

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2009  “Idiom Computation and Production by Foreign Language Learners” in Granic, Jagoda (ed.). Jezicna politika i jezicna stvarnost / Language Policy and Language Reality. Zagreb: HDPL, 269-276.  (2009) ISBN 978-953-7494-02-5

Translated articles in edited books

2010  Regency of Algiers: the reverse side of the navy, by F. Louahich, in Trade and Cultural exchange in the Early Modern Mediterranean:  Braudel’s Maritime Legacy. Eds.  Colin Heywood, Maria Fusaro and Mohamed-Salah Omri. London. I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781848851634

2010  “Contribution of the Magrebian Naval Unit to the Hispano-Ottoman Wars of the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries”.  Trade and Cultural exchange in the Early Modern Mediterranean:  Braudel’s Maritime Legacy. Eds.  Colin Heywood, Maria Fusaro and Mohamed-Salah Omri. London. I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781848851634

Papers Delivered at International Conferences

ملتقى المبدعات العربيات ‘المرأة العربية والانتاج الثقافي: من اللغة الى الخطاب الجندري ‘, Tunisia, 17 and 18 April 2013

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