Fumitsugu Enokida

Department of Modern Languages
Language Tutor in Japanese

Contact details

Ashley Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I joined the department as a part-time Japanese language tutor in 1999 and became a full-time language instructor in Japanese in 2004. I also completed my Master’s degree at the University of Birmingham. I have spent my entire career in the UK at the University of Birmingham.


  • B Com Sci at Jobu University in Japan
  • Japanese Teacher as Foreign languages at SOAS (University of London)
  • MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Birmingham


I teach numerous language programmes, including IWLP (MOMD and Open Access), With Japanese Module, Final Year Speaking & Listening, Tandem Module, etc.

Undergraduate Modules Taught (Japanese as ‘Minor’) 40 Credit

  • Level C Japanese Language Beginner I & II
  • Level  I  Japanese Language Intermediate I & II
  • Level H Japanese Language Advanced I (Speaking & Listening)
  • Level H Tandem Learning Japanese and English

IWLP (Institution Wide Language Programme) MOMD and OA

  • Japanese Level 1
  • Japanese Level 2
  • Japanese Level 3
  • Japanese Level 4

Other activities

2013-present:  Committee member of Japanese Speech Contest for University Student (BATJ & Japan Foundation)

2010-Present: External Verifier of the QCB/NVQ Languages qualifications for OCR

2010-Present: Assessor of NVQ Language in Japanese

2008-Present: Language Co-ordinator in Japanese for OCR CBLC (Certificate in Business Language Competence)

2003-Present: Examiner of OCR CBLC in Japanese

Feb 2012: Interlocutor: 7th Japanese Speech Contest for University Student (BATJ & Japan Foundation)

Feb 2011: Interlocutor: 6th Japanese Speech Contest for University Student (BATJ & Japan Foundation)

2008-2010: Committee member of Birmingham British-Japanese Society (Eiwa-kai)

Feb 2009: Interlocutor: 4th Japanese Speech Contest for University Student (BATJ & Japan Foundation)



F.Enokida, J. Ogawa and R.McNab (2014)  Easy Learning Japanese (Audio Course) 2nd Edition: Harper Collins

F. Enokida, J. Ogawa (2013) Colloquial Japanese (The complete Course for Beginners): Routledge

F. Enokida, J.Ogawa and R. McNab (2009) Easy Learning Japanese (Audio Course):Harper Collins


F.Enokida, “House!: Hai sense, uchi” in BATJ (The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a  Foreign Language) Journal, 6, (2005)