Professor John Knott OBE, FRS, FREng, FIMMM (FIM3), FIMechE, FWeldI, FRSA.

Professor John Knott

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Professor of Metallurgy and Materials

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(+44) (0) 121 414 6729
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School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Knott has been awarded the following honours and distinctions: 

  • Fellow, The Institute of Materials
  • Fellow, The Welding Institute
  • Fellow, The Royal Society of Arts
  • Delivered the joint Royal Society/ Royal Academy of Engineering Lecture “Two Steps from Disaster – the Science and Engineering of Structural Integrity” 1999
  • “The John F. Knott Symposium” TMS Fall Meeting 2002
  • Elected as Foreign Associate, the (US) National Academy of Engineering 2003
  • DEng (honoris causa) – The University of Glasgow 2004
  • OBE “for services to Nuclear Safety” June 2004 (conferred Oct 2004)
  • Robert Franklin Mehl Award and Institute of Metals Lecture “Power in Trust”, TMS (Spring Meeting 2005)
  • Elected as Foreign Member of the Japan Institute of Metals 2005
  • Awarded the Leverhulme Medal of the Royal Society 2005
  • Elected as Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering 2006
  • Delivered the 2006 Hatfield Lecture “Quantifying the Quality of Steel”
  • Awarded the 2007 Brooker Medal, The Welding Institute (2008)
  • Awarded the Platinum Medal of IOM3 in 2009
  • D.Eng (honoris causa) University of Sheffield 2010


  • ScD, Cambridge, 1991
  • PhD, Cambridge, 1963
  • BMet, Sheffield, 1959


Selected highlights: 

  • Past President, Birmingham Metallurgical Association
  • 2010: Chairman, Technical Advisory Group on Structural Integrity (member since 1988)
  • From 2006: member of Defence Nuclear Safety Committee
  • 2003/4 Acting Chair, Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee
  • From 2003: member of Graphite Technical Advisory Committee
  • From 2003: member of (MoD) Research Programmes Group
  • From 2003: Editor, Materials Science and Technology
  • From 2000: Chairman Rolls-Royce Materials, Manufacturing and Structures Advisory Board (member since 1989)
  • President, International Congress on Fracture, 1993-97
  • From 1988: member of TWI Research Board


  • Relationships between the microstructures and mechanical properties of a wide range of engineering alloys and other structural materials
  • Fracture, fatigue and embrittlement in metals
  • High temperature properties of materials
  • Environmentally-assisted fracture
  • Behaviour of weldments and composites
  • Effects of residual stress on fracture and fatigue processes



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