Dr Joe Morrison


Teaching Fellow

Department of Philosophy

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


I studied philosophy at The University of Sheffield for seven tenths of the noughties, where I wrote a doctoral dissertation called 'The Evidence of Holism', which is about holism about evidence and Quine. I moved directly to the University of Aberdeen to begin teaching philosophy in September 2007. Twenty-two months later I left, and in September 2009 I started teaching here, at the University of Birmingham. Twelve months later I left to explore Wales for nine months, during which time I acted as a visiting lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton. In May 2011 I returned to the University of Birmingham.


I work on issues arising from Quine’s proposal that we should naturalize epistemology. These topics encompass epistemology, philosophy of mind, cognitive science and philosophy of science. I’m particularly interested in issues to do with the philosophical status of- and psychology behind logic, inference and reasoning.


My published research to date has focused on the nature of scientific inference, epistemic holism and other Quinean themes. I have recently started work on a research project concerning psychologistic approaches to logic.

  • 2011 “Skepticism about Inductive Knowledge” in The Routledge Companion to Epistemology, eds. D. Pritchard and S. Bernecker. Routledge: London.
  • 2010 “Just How Controversial Is Evidential Holism?” Synthese, vol. 173, issue 3, pp. 335-352.
  • (forthcoming)   Formal Logic - Hodder Educational Publishing have commissioned this book for their new Bullet Guide series. Anticipated release date: Autumn 2011.
  • (in revision) “Evidential Holism and Indispensability Arguments”
  • (in submission) “Evidential Holism and Underdetermination”
  • (in preparation) “Strategies for a Naturalized Epistemology of Logic

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