Dr Ben Smart BA, PhD (Nottingham)


Teaching Fellow

Department of Philosophy


Contact details

Room 144
ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


I am a teaching fellow at Birmingham University. My research is focused primarily on the metaphysics of causation and natural laws, but I also have interests in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of time, history of philosophy and philosophy of science.


  • PhD in Philosophy (Nottingham, 2012)
  • BA (hons) in Philosophy (Nottingham, 2005)


After completing my undergraduate course in philosophy at Nottingham University I moved back Jersey (my spiritual home) to work in finance. Despite a developing interest in the financial markets, I really missed philosophy, so I took the opportunity to return to Nottingham to do a PhD in metaphysics, and teach a wide variety of undergraduate modules. After a brief spell selling loft insulation in Leicester (door to door - needs must...) I came to Birmingham as a teaching fellow (2012). I am editor of the philosophy of sex categories for philpapers.org.


I have teaching experience in Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Texts and Methods, History of Philosophy, Hume, Philosophy of Sex, Epistemology, Self Mind and Body, and supervision of undergraduate independent projects.

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to supervise postgraduate projects on most areas in metaphysics, but specialise in the metaphysics of science.


  • Natural Laws
  • Causation
  • Properties
  • Humeanism
  • Induction
  • Explanation
  • Probabilistic metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Social Sciences



  • "Is the Humean Defeated by Induction?", Philosophical Studies, 2013, Vol 162, Issue 2, pp. 319-332.
  • "The Ultimate Argument Against the Dispositional Monist Accounts of Laws", with Stephen Barker, Analysis, 2012, Vol 72, Issue 4, pp. 714-723.

Book reviews:

  • 'Getting Causes from Powers' by Stephen Mumford and Rani Anjum, (with Michael Talibard) Philosophy in Review (October 2012).

PhD thesis:

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