Dr Jumana Ahmad

School of Psychology
Research Associate

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School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Jumana is currently a Research Associate in the Visual Experience Lab, working with Dr Fiona McNab and Professor Kimron Shapiro. Specifically, she is investigating visual working memory (WM), and attention, using behavioural and fMRI techniques. Jumana is examining these processes in healthy younger and older adults.


  • BSc in Psychology with Clinical Psychology
  • MSc in Cognitive Psychology/Neuropsychology
  • Jumana is due to have her Viva for a PhD in Psychology


Jumana conducted her PhD at the University of Kent, under the supervision of Dr Heather Ferguson, and Professor Howard Bowman. Her thesis is entitled: ‘A behavioural and electrophysiological exploration of the Working Memory deficit in developmental dyslexia’.

Before her PhD, Jumana also investigated Language Processing (e.g., the influence of speech and language skills upon phonological WM; perspective taking during discourse; eye movements during reading). Jumana was also an Associate Lecturer at the University of Kent (2010-2014), teaching across multiple courses.

Jumana is currently working in the Visual Experience Lab, examining WM, selective attention (SA), and top-down attentional control in healthy younger and older adults. 


Research groups

The Visual Experience Lab

Research interests

Jumana’s predominant research interest is in WM, which is the ability to hold information in mind for a short amount of time. She is specifically interested in the factors which constrain WM (attentional factors) investigating how these might influence WM capacity and precision. With Dr Fiona McNab, and Professor Kim Shapiro, Jumana is working on a Wellcome Trust project: ‘Working memory and attention in the young- adult and ageing human brain: distractor suppression and cortical- striatal loops’.

Jumana has a background in EEG/ERP, eye-tracking and behavioural methods, and is currently working with fMRI.

Other activities

Aside from her research interests, Jumana also enjoys baking and running. She is due to run the London Marathon in 2015.  


Ferguson, H, J., Apperly, I., Ahmad, J., Bindermann, M., Cane, J, E. (2015). Task constraints distinguish perspective inferences from perspective use during discourse interpretation. Cognition. ISSN 0010-0277. (in press)  

Ahmad, J., Ferguson, H, J., Bowman, H. (In preparation). Unimpaired visual Working Memory functioning in dyslexia. Electrophysiological and eye movement correlates of maintenance and manipulation in visial spatial working memory.   

Ahmad, J., Ferguson, H, J., Bowman, H. (In preparation). Impaired Temporal sampling of speech contributes towards the phonological working memory impairment in dyslexia.