Dr Xiaoyue Jiang


Research fellow

School of Psychology

Xiaoyue Jiang

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Dr Jiang’s main research interests are image processing and pattern recognition. Now she works with Dr Andrew Schofield for the project "Extract intrinsic image from a single image". They try to integrate the knowledge of human vision system into computer vision system.


Currently, Dr Jiang is especially interested in several aspects of image processing: (1) how to apply statistical models to image modelling and understanding; (2) the transformation of an image processing problem, e.g. segmentation and classification, into an optimization problem; and how to solve such optimization problems efficiently; (3) the setting up of illumination models for objects, for predicting the appearance of these objects under different lighting conditions, and consequently for improving the performance of related algorithms; and (4) object detection and recognition problems in general.


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