Laura Griffith


Lecturer in the Anthropology of Health Care

Laura Griffith

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School of Social Policy, HSMC
Park House
University of Birmingham
B15 2RT


Laura Griffith is a qualitative health researcher interested in the experiences of health and illness.


  • DPhil in Social Anthropology, University of Sussex, 2006
  • MSc in Social Research Methods, University of Sussex, 2002
  • MA in Culture ‘Race’ and Difference, University of Sussex 2000
  • BA Hons in English Literature, University of Sheffield (1999)


Laura did her DPhil concerning about the emotional experiences of Bangladeshi mothers in the East End of London and multiculturalism in the health services. She then coordinated a study for the National Institute of Mental Health in England on the experiences of acute psychiatric care amongst BME communities in Birmingham. Laura completed the research for the “Experiences of Psychosis”, “Giving up Smoking” and “ECT” modules for Healthtalkonline, as part of the Health Experiences Research Group in Oxford.


Laura’s research interests lie in the study of health and illness (particularly mental health) and the implementation of health and social services to address health inequalities.


Griffith, L. Forthcoming. “‘No that’s not a religious thing, that’s a cultural thing’: The narratives of Sylheti mothers in East London” in Migration and the Politics of Reproduction and Healthcare: Place, Identity and Cultures of Migrant Family-Making. Eds. Unnithan-Kumar, M & Khann, S. K. Berghahn.

Weich, S, Griffith, L, et al. January 2012. ‘Experiences of acute mental health care in an ethnically diverse inner city: qualitative interview study’. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. Vol 47, Issue: 1, pp 119-128.

Griffith, L (2010) ‘Motherhood, ethnicity and experience: a narrative analysis of the debates concerning culture in the provision of health services for Bangladeshi mothers in East London. Vol. 17, Issue 3, 289-299.

Griffith, L (2009) 'Complaints, sensitivities and responsibility: an ethnographic investigation into the debates around the care of Bangladeshi mothers in the East End'. International Migration Vol 46 Issue 5 pp 143-165.

Griffith, L (2009) 'Practitioners, postnatal depression, and translation: an investigation into the representation of Bangladeshi mothers in the East End.' Anthropology and Medicine
Vol. 16, Issue 3, pp267-278.


  • Mental Health
  • Health inequalities
  • Diversity and healthcare

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