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Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Exercise

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

Professor Janice L. Thompson

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School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


60 second video iconProfessor Janice L. Thompson is a leading expert in the field of public health nutrition and exercise, and their role in preventing and treating risks for obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes across the lifespan.


BSc in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology), California State University, Sacramento

MSc in Physical Education (Exercise Physiology), California State University, Sacramento

PhD in Exercise Science (Exercise Physiology and Nutrition), Arizona State University, Tempe

Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine


Professor Thompson completed her PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Arizona State University in 1991. After completing post-doctoral fellowship training at Stanford University in 1995, she worked at University of North Carolina, Charlotte and at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. Prior to joining the University of Birmingham in 2012, she was Professor of Public Health Nutrition at the University of Bristol. She is a Fellow and Past Vice President of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS).


Professor Thompson contributes lectures to various BSc and MSc courses within the School and across the University. She is the author of 4 nutrition textbooks published in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Postgraduate supervision

Janice has supervised 4 doctoral researchers and more than 50 MSc students to completion. She currently supervises 5 doctoral students and welcomes applications from potential doctoral researchers in her areas of interest.


Public health nutrition and physical activity; mixed methods research; dietary assessment techniques; community-based evaluations and interventions; ageing and minority ethnic health.


Selected recent publications

  • Babakus W and Thompson JL. Physical activity among South Asian women: a systematic mixed-methods review. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 9:150, 2012.
  • White J, Jago R, and Thompson JL. Risk factors for the development of insulin resistance in late adolescence: a 3-year prospective study. Public Health Nutrition  2012. Epub ahead of print: DOI:
  • Stathi, A, Gilbert H, Coulson JC, Davis MG, Thompson JL, and Fox KR. Determinants of neighborhood activity of adults aged 70 and over: A mixed methods study. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. 20:148-170, 2012.
  • Davis MG, Fox KR, Hillsdon M, Coulson JC, Sharp DJ, Stathi A, and Thompson JL. Getting out and about in older adults: the nature of daily trips and their association with objectively assessed physical activity. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 8:116, 2011.
  • Sebire SJ, Jago R, Fox KR, Page AS, Brockman R, and Thompson JL. Associations between children’s social functioning and physical activity participation. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 8:106, 2011.
  • Thompson, JL, Bentley G, Davis M, Coulson J, Stathi S, and Fox KR. Food shopping habits, physical activity and health-related indicators among adults aged 70+ years. Public Health Nutrition, 14(9):1640-1649, 2011.
  • Davis, M., Fox, K.R., Hillsdon, M., Sharp, D., Coulson, J., Thompson, J.  Objectively measured physical activity in a diverse sample of older urban-living UK adults. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, 43(4):647-654, 2011.
  • Fox KR, Hillsdon M, Sharp D, Cooper AC, Coulson JC, Davis M, Harris R, McKenna J, Narici, M, Stathi A, and Thompson JL. Neighbourhood deprivation and physical activity in UK older adults. Health and Place 17:633-640, 2011.
  • Jago R, Fox KR, Page AS, Brockman R, Thompson JL. “Parent and child physical activity and sedentary time: Do active parents foster active children?” BMC Public Health 10:194 2010.
  • Thompson JL, Jago R, Brockman R, Cartwright K, Fox KR and Page AS. “Physically Active Families - Debunking the Myth? A Qualitative Study of Family Participation in Physical Activity”. Child: Care Health and Development. 36, 2, pp 265-274, 2010.
  • Jago R, Brockman R, Fox K, Cartwright K, Page A and Thompson JL. “Friendship groups and physical activity: Qualitative findings on how physical activity is initiated and maintained among 10-11 year old children”. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 6:4, 2009.

A full list of Professor Thompson's publication (including textbooks) can be downloaded here as a PDF (129Kb).

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