Benefits of working for us

Staff member reading at deskThe University is a thriving, multicultural community that exists to provide world-class teaching, learning and research. In one way or another, all staff help us fulfil this mission. Knowing that you are supporting our groundbreaking research in areas such as treatments for childhood cancer through to rewriting Anglo Saxon history, can be rewarding in itself. There are however many more benefits available when working at Birmingham.

Birmingham offers an array of facilities for you to use from retail and childcare facilities including a monthly farmers market during term time through to our own chaplaincy at which you can practice your faith. The University's sports facilities are open to staff members and you can also enjoy our cultural assets at one of our many on campus museums or our collection of fine art. 

Our Environmental and related policies set out the University’s commitment to improving performance and engaging with the University community on this agenda. The Green Impact Scheme for example is a great way for staff to get involved. 

Marketing Officer "University life for staff is just as varied as for students. We have lots of benefits of working on the campus, such as nice places to visit for free, including Winterbourne House and Botanic Garden and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, as well as the convenience of being able to pop and do a few quick errands in the shops if needed."




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