Our outstanding graduates 2012

annabel09-croppedCongratulations to all of our 2012 graduates! This July more than 5000 students will be graduating with a Birmingham degree. This is a fantastic achievement and a great reason to celebrate with family and friends.

Here are a few of our 2012 graduates who have extra reasons to celebrate during degree congregations.

All of this year’s graduates have made outstanding achievements during their time at the University.



Annabel Fitzgerald, graduate and Olympic torchbearer

Annabel had the double joy of graduating with a Birmingham degree only three days after carrying the Olympic torch through the streets of Coventry. Annabel graduates this year with a BSc in Sports and Materials Science. She was awarded the University’s Sports Leadership Award for her commitment to developing Intra-League sport on campus by promoting at Fresher's Fair and halls of residence. She has also been dedicated to recruitment by organising teams and fixtures and developing promotional material. On 2 July 2012, Annabel carried the Olympic torch through Coventry. She was selected from thousands of people who applied to be part of the official torch relay.

Bogdan Popescu, prize winner and app star

Bogdan is a prize winning student from Computer Science who designed a smart app now available to download from Apple. Bogdan graduates with a BSc in Computer Science. For his final year project, Bogdan designed and created a smart app, which is now available to download from Apple. His app is an API Documentation Browser and Snippet Manager called Flash! At graduation Bogdan will be awarded a prize from the School of Computer Science for Best project as well as Best final year student.

Bryony Whitten, Birmingham Hero

Bryony features as part of our new Birmingham Heroes campaign for her work in preserving the giant panda in China.

Bryony graduates with a first class Honours degree in Biological Sciences.Throughout her time at the University, Bryony has excelled in her studies and made the most of the opportunities available at the University. During her second year Bryony took part in the University’s funded work experience program and was able to join the Panda Breeding and Research Centre in Sichuan, China. This exceptional placement provided Bryony with hands-on practical experience working with exotic animals and a unique opportunity to be part of a prestigious project that has already been successful in attaining its goal of reproducing panda cubs.

Helen Leach, Chancellor’s prize winner

Helen will graduate with a MB ChB Honours (the equivalent of first class Honours) from the College of Medicine. Second overall in her year of 351 students, Helen will be awarded the Chancellor’s prize for her outstanding academic ability.

In addition to her academic studies, Helen has spent time working in Africa and India to improve resources in deprived areas. In August, Helen will start as a Foundation doctor in Worcester completing rotations in cardiology, respiratory medicine and vascular surgery.

Jake Mann, Vice-Chancellor’s prize winner

Jake will graduate with a MB ChB Honours and will also receive the Vice-Chancellor’s prize. During his six years as an undergraduate Jake has made a very significant and sustained contribution to the life of the Medical School and the University as a whole. He has worked as a student ambassador, served as Vice-President and President of the Medical Students’ Society “MedSoc” in successive years and helped other students with academic work.