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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Cognitive Robotics, Computational Neuroscience and, MScPostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time
Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind and, MAPostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time
Cognitive Science/Computer Science PhD/MSc by ResearchPostgraduateDoctoral researchFull time, part time, 2 years
Colonial and Postcolonial Studies MAPostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time
Commercial Law LLMPostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time
Commercialising Academic Medical ResearchPostgraduateContinuing professional development
Common Neuropsychiatric DisordersPostgraduateContinuing professional development, module
Communications Engineering and Networks Masters/MScPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtFull time
Communications Engineering and Networks Masters/MSc with Industrial StudiesPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtFull time
Composition, Musical PhD/PhD by Distance Learning/MA by ResearchPostgraduateDistance learning, doctoral researchFull time, part time