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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Education - School DirectPostgraduateTaughtFull time
Education - School ImprovementPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtFull time, part time
Education and Learning PhD with Integrated StudyPostgraduateCombined research and taughtPart time
Education for Health Professionals MEd/ Postgraduate Diploma/ Postgraduate CertificatePostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtPart time
Education MA by ResearchPostgraduateDoctoral researchFull time, part time
Education of Learners Multisensory Impairment (Deafblindness) MEd/BPhil/Postgraduate Diploma/ Postgraduate Certificate/Advanced CertificatePostgraduateContinuing professional development, distance learningDistance learning
Education PhDPostgraduateDoctoral researchFull time, part time
Educational Studies MResPostgraduateCombined research and taughtFull time, part time
Effects of Work on Health and Fitness for WorkPostgraduateModule
Efficient Fossil Energy Technologies Masters/MScPostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time