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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Integrated Body SystemsPostgraduateModule
Integrated Body Systems modulePostgraduateContinuing professional development, module
Integrated Study (Social Sciences) PhDPostgraduateDoctoral researchFull time
International Accounting and Finance MScPostgraduateTaughtFull time
International Business BScUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, single honours, study abroad year4 years
International Business MScPostgraduateTaughtFull time
International Business MSc (Singapore)PostgraduateTaughtFull time
International Business MSc by Distance LearningPostgraduateContinuing professional development, distance learning, taughtOnline study, distance learning
International Business with Communications BScUndergraduateSingle honours, study abroad year4 years
International Business with Language BScUndergraduateJoint honours combined, major-minor combined, study abroad year4 years