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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Sikh Studies MResPostgraduateCombined research and taughtFull time, part time
Social and Political Theory MAPostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time
Social History, Economic and, BAUndergraduateSingle honoursFull time
Social Policy and Sociology BAUndergraduateJoint honours combined3 years
Social Policy BAUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, single honours3 years
Social Policy MA/Diploma/CertificatePostgraduateTaughtFull time, part time
Social Policy PhD/MPhilPostgraduateDoctoral researchFull time, part time
Social Policy with Year Abroad BAUndergraduateStudy abroad year4 years
Social Policy: Crime, Policing and Community Justice BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Social Policy: Health and Social Care BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years