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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
School DirectPostgraduateTaughtFull time
School Improvement and Educational Leadership MA/Postgraduate Diploma/ Postgraduate CertificatePostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtFull time, part time
Science and Engineering of Materials MResPostgraduateCombined research and taughtFull time, part time
Science of Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment MSc/DiplomaPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtFull time, part time
SEBD - Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties PostgraduateContinuing professional development, distance learningDistance learning
Selection and Application of New Dental TechnologiesPostgraduateContinuing professional development, module
SENCOPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtPart time
SEND - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities PostgraduateTaughtFull time
Senior Road Executives ProgrammePostgraduateContinuing professional development
Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties MEd/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate/Advanced CertificatePostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtBlended learning, part time