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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Pharmacology, Chemistry with, BScUndergraduateMajor-minor combined3 years, 4 years
Pharmacology, Chemistry with, MSciUndergraduateMajor-minor combined4 years
Pharmacy MPharm (4 year)UndergraduateSingle honours4 years
Philosophy and Sociology BAUndergraduateJoint honours combined3 years
Philosophy BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Physical Education and Coaching Science, Sport, BScUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Physics (International Study) BScUndergraduateSingle honours4 years
Physics (International Study) MSci UndergraduateSingle honours4 years
Physics and Astrophysics (International Study) BSc UndergraduateSingle honours4 years