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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
CBT High Intensity Postgraduate DiplomaPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtFull time
CBT Introductory Practitioners Course (IPC)PostgraduateContinuing professional development
CBT Postgraduate DiplomaPostgraduateContinuing professional development, taughtPart time
Cellular and Molecular Basis of CancerPostgraduateModule
Cellular Biology, Molecular and, MResPostgraduateCombined research and taughtFull time
Certificate in English LawUndergraduateSingle honours1 year
Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise ManagementPostgraduateContinuing professional developmentFull time
Certificate of Higher Education in Food Safety & Food Legislation (a route to the Higher Certificate in Food Control)PostgraduateContinuing professional developmentPart time
Chemical and Energy Engineering BEngUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Chemical and Energy Engineering MEng UndergraduateSingle honours4 years