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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
BSc (Hons) Geology and Physical Geography (FF68)UndergraduateSingle honours3 years
BSc (Hons) Palaeobiology and Palaeoenvironments (FC69)UndergraduateSingle honours3 years
BSc Accountancy (KPMG)UndergraduateIndustrial professional experience4 years
BSc Business Management with MarketingUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
BSc Environmental Geology (Hons) (F630)UndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Business Management (Year in Industry) BScUndergraduateIndustrial professional experience, single honours4 years
Business Management BScUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Business Management BSc, Chemistry with UndergraduateMajor-minor combined3 years
Business Management MSci, Chemistry with UndergraduateMajor-minor combined4 years
Business Management with Communications BScUndergraduateSingle honours3 years