Supplier Zone

The University has an extensive list of approved suppliers and associated Framework Agreements. We provide useful information for current suppliers as well as information on how you can become an approved supplier.

Queries for Purchase Orders received during the Chrismas Period

The University will be closed for business from Monday 23 December 2013 to Wednesday 1 January 2014 inclusive. It is unlikely that you will receive a purchase order from us during this time. However, if you do and you have any concerns over its validity, for example a request for credit facilities, a non university delivery address or collection from your premises, the named contact on an order or the email address and contact details, please consider holding this order until Thursday 2 January 2014 when you will be able to discuss this with a member of the University’s Procurement team.

You can contact the procurement team via email from Thursday 2 January 2014 on

Please always ensure an email address referenced on an order, or where an order is received from, is a valid University of Birmingham email address, ending in There should not be any deviation from this, such as

Can you please only accept official orders and ensure that emails are from genuine email addresses.

Best wishes for the festive season.

The Procurement Team

The Finance Office pays purchase invoices and other payment documents from organisations, issued on completion of the provision of goods or services to the University. Please see the Information for suppliers page for further details. 

Becoming a supplier

For information on how you can express your interest in a tender and become an approved supplier, please see the Becoming a supplier page.