Current Accommodation Information

Applications for accommodation for academic year 2014/15

This page was last updated August 14th 2014.

Waiting to hear about your offer of accommodation?

Within the Freshers' Guarantee Scheme

Applications made under the Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme for Home/EU students for academic year 2014/15 are now closed. If you have made an application within this scheme, have had your place confirmed at the University of Birmingham and now hold an accepted unconditional offer, you will be sent an offer of accommodation within 14 working days after A Levels results day (14th August 2014).

What to do once you receive your offer of accommodtaion 

Once you have received your offer of accommodation email, log on to your online account to view your offer.  You will need your student ID and password. Once you are logged in please select the Application/Offer tab and select your relevant application before proceeding to your offer.

To accept your offer of accommodation and secure your room you will be required to pay a pre payment fee of £550. This is then deducted from the balance owing in your accommodation.

You are required to accept your offer and make a pre payment within four days of receiving your accommodation offer, if you do not we may cancel your room and allocate it to another student. Please be aware if you reject your offer of accommodation we will not be able to make another offer to you as part of the Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme.

 (Please note if you have been offered accommodation with one of our third party providers, they will vary slightly in the way you accept your offer of accommodation, please do not panic and follow the instructions provided to you).  

What to do if you are not happy with your offer of accommodation 

Please be aware that unfortunately we are currently unable to make any alterations to bookings, as every room we have is allocated for the forthcoming year.

If you do not accept your current offer of accommodation, you will have to reapply and create a new application, which means that you will not be in the guarantee scheme, so may be without accommodation for this September.

In order to fulfil the Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme, the university maintains agreements with local private providers that meet our quality standards. Rooms in these residences form 20% of the scheme and students may be allocated these in their first year. You will be placed with other university of Birmingham students, in the same way as you would be in university owned accommodation.

Living in student accommodation in your first year is about the friends you make and the experiences you share. Whilst you may have been allocated a room which was not high on your preferences, we can assure you that all our accommodation aims to deliver an enjoyable student experience.

We advise you to use our website, flickr and social media to review your allocated accommodation. Our phone lines are very busy during the summer allocation period, however if after reviewing your allocated accommodation you still have questions or require reassurance then please call Living to speak to one of our experienced advisors.

What to do if you have been accepted through clearing and are looking for accommodation

Apply for accommodation online as soon as you have your place confirmed and have been given your Student ID (If your student ID is not recognised by the online accommodation portal then please do not panic and call Living Accommodation Services on 0121 414 8000).

We have reserved 150 rooms for clearing students so please phone Living Accommodation Services as soon as you have made your online application, have your student ID to hand and state that you are applying through clearing.

Please be patient, as you are outside of our Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme we cannot guarantee you accommodation but we will do our best to offer you support and assistance on finding alternative accommodation within Birmingham.

Presessional students 

Accommodation will soon be allocated for those on 4 week presessional courses. All presessional students that have applied should hear back about their accommodation by Friday 15th August 2014. If you have applied and haven't received an offer by this date then please contact us.

Apply online for accommodation if you have not already done so.