Current accommodation information

Please read the following information for the latest updates on accommodation offers and allocations for the acdemic year 2015/16.

This page was last updated on: 19 August 2015

Undergraduate applications for academic year 2015/16

Applications for accommodation for academic year 2015/16 are now closed for our Guarantee Scheme, but remain open for any students who apply through clearing and adjustment. You can login and apply for accommodation as long as you have had an offer of a place to study at Birmingham. You will require a Student ID number to apply.

Undergraduate accommodation allocations 2015/16

Students who become unconditional after A-level results day and are offered a place at the University:

If you have a conditional offer and applied for accommodation within the Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme and meet the relevant criteria of our Guarantee Scheme, then you will hear back about accommodation within 14 working days after A-level results day (13 August 2015).

Accommodation offers are sent by email, to accept an offer of accommodation you must accept the contract terms and conditions and make a £550 pre-payment within 4 days of receiving an offer of accommodation in order to secure a room. If you do not accept your accommodation offer within the 4 days we may cancel your room and allocate it to another student. 

If you reject your offer of accommodation we will not be able to make another offer to you as part of the Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme. You will have to re-submit your accommodation application in the hope that an alternative room becomes available once all other students have been allocated. We strongly advise you to accept your accommodation offer in the first instance.

Please note that the accommodation office receive a high volume of calls and emails during this period so we ask for your patience. Offers of accommodation are made in accordance to your application preferences and we try our best to ensure that you are offered accommodation which suits these. Inevitably we have some residences which are more popular than others, however all university owned accommodation and partner accommodation work hard to ensure that you have an excellent living experience with the opportunity to socialise and make friends wherever you live in your first year at the university.

To view pictures of our accommodation, including information on our Meal Plan package, 360 degree tours and to hear from other students about their experiences then please view our webpages and social media.

Further information about our processes and timescales for accommodation allocations for the 2015/16 academic year are available on our allocations page.

If you have the University of Birmingham as an insurance choice:

If you have selected the University of Birmingham as your insurance choice through UCAS you are outside of our Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme and we cannot guarantee you accommodation. However hopefully as advised you will still have submitted an accommodation application online so that if you are joining us this September we are able to process your application.

Please be patient, as you are outside of our Guarantee Scheme we will begin allocating accommodation after students within the guarantee scheme have had their offers of accommodation.  We are expecting to have some rooms available to offer to Insurance students but we cannot guarantee this at this stage. We do however appreciate how stressful this situation can be so will be updating this section of our website to keep you informed of any changes during this period, and will offer you support and assistance on finding accommodation in Birmingham.

Do contact us at Living if you have any queries, but please note that during this time we receive a high volume of phone calls and emails so we ask for your patience.

What to do if you have been accepted through clearing and adjustment and are looking for accommodation:

Apply for accommodation online as soon as you have your place confirmed and have been given your Student ID (If your student ID is not recognised by the online accommodation portal then please do not panic and call Living Accommodation Services on 0121 414 8000).

Phone Living Accommodation Services on 0121 414 8000 as soon as you have made your online application, have your student ID to hand and state that you are applying through clearing.

We will have a small number of rooms available to clearing students, please be patient, as you are outside of our Freshers’ Guarantee Scheme we cannot guarantee you accommodation but we will do our best to offer you support and assistance on finding alternative accommodation within Birmingham.

Right to Rent Checks

Following recent government legislation, landlords in the West Midlands will now be required to check a tenant's right to be in the UK before allowing them to live in their property.  This applies to any new tenancy in private rented accommodation starting after 1st December 2014.  Therefore if you are looking to rent property in the private sector, even if you are a UK citizen, you can expect your landlord to ask to see (and take copies of) documents that confirm your right to be in the UK.  Further details can be found in our information sheet.  If you have any concerns about this you are encouraged to contact Living for assistance.