Current accommodation information

Please read the following information for the latest updates on accommodation offers and allocations for the academic year 2015/16.

This page was last updated on: 27 August 2015

Undergraduate applications for academic year 2015/16

Applications for accommodation for academic year 2015/16 are now closed.

Undergraduate accommodation allocations 2015/16

Students within our Guarantee Scheme:

University owned accommodation has now been fully allocated for the forthcoming year.

If you are a student who is arriving in September 2015 and believe that you meet the criteria of our Freshers Guarantee Scheme and have not already been in touch with Living, then please contact us as soon as possible at or 0121 414 8000.

Students outside of the accommodation Guarantee Scheme:

If you fall outside of our Guarantee scheme and are planning on studying at the University of Birmingham this September, then you should have received an email from Living Accommodation Services updating you on our current accommodation position.

Unfortunately we are unable to allocate you to university owned accommodation but  have offered a number of options for you to consider.  This includes purpose-built studio apartments in partner accommodation located close to campus or a room in a shared student house.

We appreciate that this can be an anxious time and wish to offer you support in your search for accommodation to ensure you have a great student experience, starting with choosing the right accommodation. 

Living and Guild Lettings are available to offer you advice and support in your search for alternative accommodation. Please do contact us for further information but please be aware that phone lines will be busy during this time and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible or 0121 414 8000.

Travel Daily list 

If you live within commutable distance to the university and have not committed to another accommodation contract, then you may wish to consider our travel daily waiting list.

This would require you to travel to the University each day from home until accommodation is offered.  Every year, there are around 150 withdrawals from accommodation for various personal or academic reasons, and these rooms can be re-offered to other students.  Whilst we cannot guarantee what accommodation will be available, or by when, this scheme operates every year and is very successful at placing students into their preferred accommodation, often within a couple of weeks of term starting. 

If you would be interested in joining our Travel Daily waiting list then please contact Living at or 0121 414 8000. Students on this waiting list will be offered accommodation on a first come first serve basis.

Right to Rent Checks

Following recent government legislation, landlords in the West Midlands will now be required to check a tenant's right to be in the UK before allowing them to live in their property.  This applies to any new tenancy in private rented accommodation starting after 1st December 2014.  Therefore if you are looking to rent property in the private sector, even if you are a UK citizen, you can expect your landlord to ask to see (and take copies of) documents that confirm your right to be in the UK.  Further details can be found in our information sheet.  If you have any concerns about this you are encouraged to contact Living for assistance.