Student survey feedback

We survey our current residents every two years, and use the answers to guide the future development of our accommodation services.

The headline results of the 2014 survey are:

  • 80% of you said you were satisfied with your accommodation.
  • 54% of you think your accommodation is good value for money
  • 90% who attended the Accommodation Open Day said it helped make the right accommodation choice.
  • 99% of residents applied for accommodation online and were happy with this process.

Detailed feedback and our responses

Information available before applying for accommodation

  • 87% think it is easy to navigate round our website
  • 81% said there was enough information to choose the right accommodation

We plan to introduce more photographs of internal rooms including bathrooms, plans and measurements of study bedrooms and flats.

We also plan to commission videos of residents commenting on their experiences in the various types of residence to help future prospective residents make even more informed choices about their preferred accommodation type.

We will be appointing an Assistant Manager in Living who will primarily be responsible for marketing of student accommodation, social media and producing professional information on accommodation to help prospective residents make better informed choices.


  • More of you recycle than ever with 89% of you recycling.
  • You thought the GREG recycling bag was practical but would be encouraged to recycle more if an additional bag was provided.

We introduced the Mixed Recycling Scheme across the three Student Villages eighteen months ago in response to feedback from residents in 2011/12 who requested a simpler system for recycling. At the same time we provided a large GREG recycling bag in each kitchen for residents to segregate and store their recycling before taking to the external recycling facilities.

In response to your feedback we plan to provide an additional GREG recycling bag in every kitchen next academic year so that residents have access to additional storage for their recycling.

GREG (Your Sustainable Champion)

  • 85% residents were aware of GREG, a significant increase from the last survey when only 57% were aware of GREG.
  • Over 12% of residents said they would be interested in volunteering for GREG’s Green Army. 

We developed GREG’s Green Army earlier this academic year and now have a dedicated army of 12 volunteers who have worked hard supporting a number of events and initiatives including the recent successful Bottle Amnesty where we collected and recycled over 4000 bottles from all three student villages

We plan to recruit more volunteers to GREG’s Green Army next year and to provide volunteers with more opportunities to organise and coordinate events and incorporate skills to enhance their CV’s.    

Meal Plan

  • 72% of you rate meal times as excellent or good and over 50% are happy with the variety of food on offer
  • We received the best feedback ever on the Meal Plan from the last four surveys

Last summer we completed an extensive refurbishment programme of the Hub at Shackleton to provide new catering facilities, environment and dining experiences for our residents.

In addition to this our Catering team developed new menus in response to feedback received from our residents in 2011/12 which were incorporated into the new catering outlets and retail provision. 


  • 99% of you use the wifi service and 65% use the wired service. 
  • We were concerned that only 58% rate the wifi service as excellent/good with 55% reporting issues with intermittent wifi connection.

As a result of feedback from residents requesting a wifi service in our last survey we worked with ASK4 to provide wifi across all three student villages.  

The service introduced was to provide excellent wifi services to all residents on the assumption each resident on average would connect up to three devices in their study bedroom. 

A large number of our residents use five or more devices over wifi causing these intermittent connection issues.

We are now working closely with ASK4 to improve our wifi service, range and speed to improve connectivity over the wifi network and reduce the incidences of intermittent connection for future residents. 


  • 82% of you think it easy to report repairs and over 60% rate the repairs when carried out as excellent/good.
  • However, only 36% of residents rate the speed in which the work was carried out as good.

We have recently purchased a new allocation and administration software package which includes a module to manage and administer repairs and maintenance.

We are working to develop this module, along with our colleagues in Estate, to integrate this into our day to day operations to manage the repairs service more effectively and communicate to and update our residents on progress with repairs that they have reported to us.

Main things you said you would like to change about your accommodation

  • You commented on the quality of the appliances, size of the kitchen and wanting tables and sofas in the kitchen

We are continually investing in our stock and as part of our refurbishment or new build programmes we consider feedback from residents. 

Last year we refurbished half of the flats in Oakley Court Phase 1 and the remaining flats the following summer in order to enable us to seek feedback from residents and fed these into the design for Phase 2 of the refurbishment. 

This summer we will be refurbishing kitchens to Ashcroft and Jarratt Hall which will include replacing appliances and furniture to improve kitchen facilities.

We are currently redeveloping Chamberlain Hall which will provide residents with modern kitchens and improved communal dining and living spaces.

In addition we regularly benchmark our provision against our competitors to ensure we improve on the quality and extend the range of equipment available to residents.

The survey results and our responses are also available to be downloaded as a PDF.