Liberty Court Birmingham

In order to fulfill the Fresher’s Guarantee Scheme, the University maintains agreements with local private providers that meet our quality standards.

Rooms in these residences form part of the Scheme and students may be allocated these in their first year. You will be placed with other University of Birmingham students, in the same way as you would be in university-owned accommodation.

  • A ccommodation type : Self-catered, en suite, 332 rooms
  • Contract length: 42 weeksLiberty court accommodation
  • Price guide: £5,082 (2015-16 prices)
  • In order to secure this accommodation a deposit of £200 will be required once you have received your contract from Liberty Living.
  • For further details, visit the Liberty Court Birmingham page at the Liberty Living site.
  • Explore your living area and understand where Liberty Court is located with this map showcasing key student areas near the university and city centre

Poppy Wilkinson, President of the Guild of Students 2013-14 and 2014-15, lived at Liberty Court and this is what she had to say:

Arriving at University is an extremely exciting time but it can also be really daunting.  I was so nervous when I arrived at Liberty Court in 2010 and had no idea what to expect. Liberty Court hadn't been my first choice and I was quite apprehensive. When I arrived though, I was greeted by a group of very friendly volunteers who helped me move everything into my new room and soon I was chatting to my new neighbour who ended up being one of my best friends!

I had an amazing year living at Liberty Court and never felt like I wasn't having the same experience as everyone else. Your Residents' Association and the Student Mentors make sure there are activities to cater for everyone and opportunities to socialise with people outside of your flat.

The best thing about living at Liberty Court was the great sense of community spirit and everyone getting involved with activities and socials. At events we were always very keen to let everyone know that we were proud of our halls!

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Liberty Court to the
University of Birmingham

Liberty Court to city centre
(New Street train station)


25 minutes

33 minutes


10 minutes

10 minutes

Public transport

14 minutess 61
or 63 bus

16 minutes 61, 63,
45 or 47 bus