Helping your son or daughter choose a university

Students walking together

Your son or daughter will need to take the time to think about and research what course they/them might want to do and then the right place for him/her to study it. Remember everyone is an individual and the choice should be theirs. The key objective is:

  • right course + right place = great time + great career

There are a wide variety of universities to go to and there are general terms which group certain types of universities together;

  • Ancient - universities that were founded in medieval times. Many have a college based system, such as Oxford and Cambridge  
  • Russell Group - represents 24 leading UK research intensive universities, including Birmingham  
  • Redbrick / Civic - universities founded in industrial cities during the Victorian era, and include Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham
  • New / Post 1992 - universities founded more recently and former polytechnics who are now universities, such as Birmingham City University, Oxford Brookes, De Montfort
  • Specialist institutions - institutions with a particular subject focus, for example, art and design, performing arts, catering, horticulture and agriculture

Why our students chose to study here

How can you help?

  • By talking through their decisions with them to ensure they are well thought out.
  • By encouraging them to visit universities they are interested in applying to. They may find it helpful if you are able to go along with them and there will be dedicated talks for parents to find out more about the application process, financial support and student life.
  • By supporting and helping them but allowing the decision to be theirs!

Here at the University of Birmingham we have a wide variety of videos to help students find out more about university life and help them with their applications to university. Encourage them to view them as part of their research and decision making process.