Why go to university?

Aston Webb buildingYour son or daughter may wish to go to university for any of the following reasons;

  • to study something they enjoy
  • to learn about a new subject area
  • to gain high level qualifications
  • to develop new skills, knowledge and interests
  • to meet new people from all countries and backgrounds

95% of university students agree that going to university is a worthwhile experience.

From an employment perspective students will find

  • Greater choice of careers for graduates
  • Many professions require a university qualification
  • Better promotion prospects in the workplace
  • Over 68% of graduate employers do not mind what subject the degree is in
  • Greater earning potential. According to the Office for National Statistics in 2011 the average earnings of a graduate compared to a non graduate are £12,000 more per year.  As examples average earnings in banking and finance were £37,300 over the last decade (compared to £20,300 for a non graduate) and £27,000 in public administration, education and health (compared to £14,700 for a non graduate).